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So, I noticed on Saturday that my little Sirius was WAY more grumpy than normal. And instead of acting like his normal spastic self (i.e. running around and exploring everything his little legs can reach), he curled up under my leg and just sat there. Not to mention, it took 15 minutes to get him out of his cage instead of just a couple, because he wouldn't stop hissing and curling into a ball (something he has not done since the first couple of days I had him).
Moving forward, it was after the time the vet was open, and Sunday is the only day they are closed (of course!). Sunday night when I took him out, he wasn't as grumpy. I did notice however that he was not pooping as much. He would act like he was going to poop, and then nothing would come out. Monday I called to get an appointment and the earliest they could do was Tuesday. Monday night, he had a MASSIVE play-doh consistency poop, but then a few minutes later tried, but nothing came up.
Up until this point in the story, he has been eating and drinking fine.. Just not pooping normally.
Tuesdays vet appointment goes great! He's acting like his normal self, even pooped (and yes they checked his feces for parasites and fungal, negative). I was so happy! She told me to get some metamucil powder to put onto his food. She told me came in two flavors, unflavored and orange. She said to avoid the orange because of the smell, and to use the unflavored if we could find it. Well, I could not find it. And last night he did not eat at all!
I know realistically it's because his food smelled funny, but now what! I checked three different stores and everyone has a huge supply of orange flavored metamucil, even off brands! But no one has unflavored powder.
So, now what do I do? He is a super picky hedgie and won't even eat the canned meal worms we have for them! I've seen unspiced pumpkin as a suggestion... Could I give him real pumpkin? (we've got three sitting on our porch right now!) How do I get him to take it? Is there anything else that I can try? I hate that my boy is not feeling well! :( :( Please help!
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