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Colour and Conformation help?

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I finally got some pictures of Beckett up. I was wondering if you could help identify his colour, and I'd also be curious to know what anyone thinks of his conformation and form. I'd like to show him, if I can ever find a place to show. :)

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I think we'll need another picture of his face, especially the nose. He is Algerian, whether he is chocolate or grey depends.

For conformation, that can be hard to tell from a picture. I'm not a judge but with the quills raised even slightly it can mess up the top line, which should be smooth and gently round. The top should be teardrop shaped but not "fluffy". I think if your hedgie gained a teeny bit more weight he'd have better shape, but it really depends on his general structure. Some are long and thin, some have shorter bodies.

IHA sanctioned shows are held around the US each year. This summer there will be one in florida, and in the fall, one in wisconsin.
Hmm, well, I'm going to say chocolate. He doesn't look quite dark enough to be grey.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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