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Close Up Contest VOTE!!!

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Vote for your favorite Close-Up Contest Entrant!! Here are the choices:










Please vote!
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UH OH! hold still, a fly keeps landin on ur upper lip. :arrow: :roll: see it? lemme swat it... oh no, u got a bloody mouth now! :p see? hey, atleast i got the fly. :roll: oh wait... darn. i didn't. nvm.

gosh i bored. lolz.
Probobly when there is a substancial lead and the voting has been going on for ove a couple of weeks. Only allquills knows for sure, and if she was on(i'm guessing she is the right word. correct me if i'm wrong), then ur pic would be fixed...

As for the smiley, i think it looks like it is bleeding cuz the toungues connests at the corners of the mouth, so it looks like an open red mouth. Me and hedgie17 came up with a suprising amount of smiley stuff. u know this guy is the only round one? :) lets point and laugh. :? :lol: (the first one is like trying not too laugh, but then it can't help it.) yup. like i said bored. maybe i'll make a smiley post if fun stuff sumday... nah. prbably not. :geek: :ugeek:
What happened to allquills you ask??? I think that if it wasn't personal, it would be said already.

Hey, whover edited the pic, thanks. it was kind.
I'm guessing PEH was PM'd by allquills. (pixie exotic hedgehogs was private messaged)
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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