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So I have had Tinkerbell for about 4 weeks now. She is doing good and has gotten over her URI. I was able to find a vet that knew what they were doing. :p I just had a few questions AGAIN... :?:

What kind of liners work best under a fleece blanket?

I use a 20Gallon tank right now. ( I know its not the best but she is small and it is working for now.) What kind of cleaning products are ok to use when cleaning out her cage?

She has had her wheel for 2 weeks now and only uses it to sit on when she wants a cool place to lay down. (there are other places she just likes to lay there) Anyone know why she is not using it?

She is good at using the litter box in her cage for poop but she pees in her bed. (under her Igloo.) what can I do about that?

she is LAZY! when I let her down to play oh the ground all she does is find me and hide by my legs. Anyway I can get her more interested in MOVING? lol

Autumn :mrgreen:
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