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so it was about 3 am when i woke up to a loud crunching sound, i wondered what it was so i went to Isabellas cage, and to my surprise, she was eating! alot too! then i figured if she was eating, she had to be pooping,
so i looked around her cage and there it was, a nice solid, brown piece of poop!
no diarrhea, or no green stools.

i'm guessing it may have been a hunger strike, since i changed the food ( i didn't realize it was harmful until i read posts on what can make a hedgie sick, i swear).

i did took the advice and gave her baby food, (turkey with vegetables) and she loved it, as soon as she ate it she went to bed, and the next morning this happened :)

it was the best christmas present ever :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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