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I am currently taking care of two hedgies: a 1 y/o male called Huxley and a ~8 month old female one called Peebles.

I heard the girl squeaking at night around three times? One of which I saw her doing it while peeing. Her beeding has been making it hard for me to distinguish if her pee's consistency isn't 100% liquid and/or bit more stickier? Which I've read it could also a be a sign of sickness. Lately she's also been pooping a *lot* more loosely? I know it isn't a weird thing to happen every once in a while but it has stayed that way for around the last week, at least. I investigated a lot about it and I know it's most probably some kind of urinary track infection? Or maybe a stone? or similar?

But the thing is, both my personal circumstances and Peeble's themselves are very convoluted? And I don't want to get away from the point (that is to explain their symptoms and ask for advice) but this also conflicts with any vet visits. Long story short: Peebles isn't mine. Her owner left her to me so I could breed her with Hux but now I'm afraid to do so because of my suspicions about her health and fears of such being pass on to Hux. But her owner isn't, really responsible for her? She's been with me for, so long now? So if I tell him to pay for any vet bills, he won't and would just accuse of it being my fault. Which, hey, I could be the case? I've been doing my most, but, there's always a better.

Hux has been also having looser poops? And I'm just, so paranoid of any signs. I'm seeing his pee with a weird consistency? Similar to hers, kinda? But it could be because of how recent it might be or just me getting paranoid. Both of them have been drinking and eating as usual. Their behaviors are mostly the same? She seems a bit more grumpy but i could also be me seeing things.

The vet option is still on the table but it's an almost emergency case only. Financial difficulties aside, I am not sure there's any good exotic vets left in this sad place I live in. There's the possibility I might go to one, be able to afford it and they might just, scam me into faking they know what they're doing. But then again I know that you must use antibiotics in case of such infections but I am so, *so* afraid to even try medicating her (or them? god.) at home because I don't have a clue on how to do so. I could easily worsen the situation. I don't know what to do but I know I must do something before it gets worse.
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