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Chicken Broth question

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Hoping some kitchen knowledgeable people can answer this one for me:

1) I'm going to a friends place for lobster tonight & will be cooking an extra one to eat later. Besides stinky poo, would it be ok to give my hedgie a SMALL amount when I eat the second one?

2) As I'm having a treat tonight, I'd like to give my hedgie a treat. I have some low salt chicken broth in the fridge I want to add a touch to her food. Catch is I'm suppose to leave for supper around 6 and will not return until about midnight. She normally get's up about 3 for a snack & then wakes up (if I'm not home) around 730 for supper & to start running. If I had a touch of broth to her food, how long can it sit out? Am I entering a danger zone with this timeline? Googling chicken broth, everything comes up about a 2 hr span. Thoughts?
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I feel bad no one answered your questions. =\ Probably because it's so unconventional.

1) I don't think lobster is an issue, though I have not tried it myself.

2) For human consumption, the broth can be left out a little longer, but not too much without bacterial growth. If you have a strong stomach it's not an issue. Animals tend to have stronger stomachs so it should probably be fine. However to be safe 2-3 hours sounds reasonable.
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