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"However, she didn't uncurl in her bath" - watch out for that... it's not a terribly good idea to put a hibernating or possibly hibernating hedgie in water. The whole getting hedgie back out of the water to dry off process can take its toll. Good call on putting her under your sweatshirt & on your tummy to warm up.

My thought on your CHE & thermostat set-up is that the thermostat seems to be working, but the emitter is not producing enough heat to keep the cage warm enough. I'd try any one of these things (actually, as many as I could to try and eliminate the problem):

Insulate your hedgie's cage a bit more - put a blanket underneath it, put a blanket or other covering along two or three of the sides to cut down on any drafts and hold the heat in a bit better, put a blanket or other covering on the top (but away from the heat emitter) to help hold heat in (heat rises).

Get an emitter with more wattage; if you have a 60, get a 100; if you have a 100, get a 150.

Depending on the size of your lamp, you could upgrade there too. If it's the 6", go for the 10" to help distribute the heat.

Depending on the size of your cage and if your thermostat controller accepts two lamps/heat emitters, get a second lamp & emitter; place one toward the left, the other toward the right.

Given that this is a weird cold snap for Florida and I'd expect it to subside, you could try for some very temporary measures: human heating pad under the cage to help heat the floor, snugglesafe disk(s) in the cage, heating the entire room up with a space heater...
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