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CHE in a vivarium?

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I have a CHE in my vivarium for my hedgehog. It is high enough so he cant reach it even if he climbs on his toys and house. I have had some people tell me that heat mats are better than CHEs as CHEs can cause cancer (im not sure if this is right) but heat mats only heat a small area, his viv is 4ft long but looking to get a bigger one soon so i thought id ask others opinions, what is the best heat source for wooden vivariums?
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thank you :D x

thank you ill stick with the CHE for his new viv, I was confused when I was told about them causing cancer too as I thought it was ultraviolet rays that caused cancer not infra red, I thought it was best to ask rather than sit worrying :)
hi, the bulb i have does not produce light, i use the 100w lucky reptile dark spot ceramic heat emitters attached to a pulse proportional thermostat :)

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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