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CHE in a vivarium?

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I have a CHE in my vivarium for my hedgehog. It is high enough so he cant reach it even if he climbs on his toys and house. I have had some people tell me that heat mats are better than CHEs as CHEs can cause cancer (im not sure if this is right) but heat mats only heat a small area, his viv is 4ft long but looking to get a bigger one soon so i thought id ask others opinions, what is the best heat source for wooden vivariums?
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I am completely confused by the idea of straight heat causing cancer too. I think whoever said that was confused, or they were thinking of the red heat bulbs used for lizards that need UV light for their health. They may not have known the difference between a light heat bulb and a CHE.
Heating pads have been known to short circuit and cause fires, I would never leave one running all day when I'm not home. Then again, I don't leave my CHE running either, it's why I love my thermostat! Turns the heating on and off as needed and keeps this hedgie mama from having to worry.
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