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changing her name!!

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hi every1 i have decided to change lily's name lily does not fit her and i have realized i haven't ever called her that ever. i usually call her things like pumpkin, *pinchita*, lol i am part spanish so my mom calls her that, it means pokey or pinchy so it kinda stuck to me no 1 rlly knows her name exept my family so its no difference changing her name

i usually get mad (not m ad but kinda like why??/ u know) when some one keeps changing names of there pet, but lily is my baby and she deserves a name that fits her i have had her 4 about 3 months so its no biggy last time i went to the vet i told them her name was pinchita which IS her nickname i always call her that i do want one final name (i am making my own homemade birth certificate)!!! :D i'm weird like that so any help with names ???
i hope people dont get mad, hope they understand, i know I get a little upset when people change names alll the time cuz they have already called their pet that but most of my friends dont know i have a hedgie anyway so ....
PINCHITA WILL always b her nickname/name just that no1 can pronounce it no1 i know any way....the people who had her b4 did not name her as she was not their pet,pet just something tto make money out of so....i hope people understand :)

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Make Pinchita her middle name and then call her whatever you want but it is best to be consistent. If you have never called her Lily then she would not know it.

I don't often change names but there have been a couple of rescues that I have. I had a gal come in named Sonic. I quickly changed it to Sonia. A boy who was thought to be a girl and named JoJo, became Joey. I also have kept names that I absolutely hated simply because the hedgehog was older and had had that name their whole life. :)
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