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Carsick Medicine?

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Hi, I'm going on a trip with Clive, and I don't really know if he gets carsick or not. But just to be safe I wanna bring some medication just to be safe. I'm going down to the local pharmacy to see if they have any Rescue Remedy, but Would this: http://www.completepetmart.biz/340992.html be safe for him?

What are some other remedies for carsickness?
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I recommend you start taking him for car rides now to see how he reacts. Some are fine with being in a car for long periods, others get terribly sick. If you take him out now for drives, he will be more used to it so won't have as much stress.

Do you have a carrier for him so he can be safely buckled into the vehicle?

I've never heard of the product you listed so can't make any comment.
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