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Carriers/Portable Cages Examples?

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Hi all!
I was just wondering if some people would mind posting pictures of their carriers/cages that they use when travelling with hedgie.
I would just find it useful to see what everyone else is using and what different variations there are.
I know that everyone just says hard-sided carriers, but seeing what you put inside the carrier for travelling too would be cool.
I liked the Housing/Cage Examples thread and I thought that this could be sort of the same.

Thanks! :)
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I don't have a picture of it at the moment, but I use a small cat carrier as well. I have a Super Pet cage that I use for Lily's travel cage, I set it up once we get to the destination, usually our cottage. In the car, she usually goes into the soft carrier I have from Nancy, then that goes into the cat carrier. She really likes her soft carrier, and I like having her in it (as long as I have it adjusted so she can get air in it) because if we stop suddenly, she won't go flying around in the cat carrier. Also, when we get to the destination, I can just pull the soft carrier out and not have to bother to switch her into different carriers. :)

Edit: When I get a chance, I can post a picture of the soft carrier, if you guys would like to see it. Lily and I are both in love with it! :D
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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