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Carriers/Portable Cages Examples?

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Hi all!
I was just wondering if some people would mind posting pictures of their carriers/cages that they use when travelling with hedgie.
I would just find it useful to see what everyone else is using and what different variations there are.
I know that everyone just says hard-sided carriers, but seeing what you put inside the carrier for travelling too would be cool.
I liked the Housing/Cage Examples thread and I thought that this could be sort of the same.

Thanks! :)
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dorasdaddy, you're beginning to sound like a broken record. Not every post warrants chastising the person for not searching. Yes many questions asked have been asked a zillion times already but this particular question is not one of them.

I have different carriers that I use depending on the circumstance.

For out of town travel, I use the same as silvercat.
This is a large carrier that provides plenty of room to move around in. It easily buckles into the vehicle and leaves the front door that it can be opened without having to unbuckle. This carrier will also fit a standard bucket wheel if the front frame bar is removed and the wheel lowered a slight bit. Doing this allows the top of the carrier to be closed. This carrier will work as a temporary cage. On occasion, I have taken one to the vet in that carrier but it is rather heavy.

For most vet trips and short around town trips I use this one. http://www.petsmart.com/product/zoom/in ... Id=3073395 It is perfect for vet trips as it can be opened from the top at either side or it can be removed completely. If the hedgehog has needed surgery, she can be put right into that carrier and then put into the kennel at the vets and the vet and techs can easily check on her through the open top.

I also have many soft sided carries that I use for walking around with the hedgie. Again it depends on the circumstances which one I use. Of course for me having on average 25-40 hedgies, I need many carriers so I can be overly indulgent. :lol: I like to have a supply of carriers in case we ever had to get them all out of the house for any reason.

I'm going to make this thread a sticky.
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Tasha said:
Nancy, why have you not mentioned your own carriers that you sell?! :D

I've heard al ot of people on here extremely happy with your hedgie designed carriers, bags etc & this seems to the perfect thread for mentioning them! :D
Yeah, I know but to be honest, I feel that a hard sided cat carrier is the safest for a hedgehog to be in when in a vehicle. Once at the destination my carriers are great. If someone can only have one carrier, I have to say a hard sided cat carrier is the one to go for.

Now if they can have two, then a hard sided carrier for in the vehicle and then one of mine for walking around. ;)
A good hard sided pet carrier is one of the best investments you can make even if only used on occasion. Not only is the carrier the best and safest traveling option, it also make a great temporary cage in the event that you ever had to evacuate your house, or there was a power outage, the carrier would be easier to heat than a large cage.

To be honest, lunch pails look like lunch pails regardless of what type of labeling is put on them. Also, there is only ventilation on one side and if it rolls over that ventilation could be covered up.

If finances is an issue, watch for a hard sided cat carrier at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and if you are a member of your local freecycle, ask for one on there.
Hard carriers offer more protection in a vehicle than soft ones. A hard carrier protects the animal inside from any items that fly around in an accident. It is crush proof, and a hard carrier is far more recognizable as a carrier than a soft carrier that could be mistaken as a purse. Soft carriers are great for walking around with but not as safe in a vehicle. :)
Those are a great carrier. I have numerous. :lol: They are also airline approved if you put zip ties through the little slit in the side latches.
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