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Some hedgehogs are easily stressed by travel--some to the point that it's not an option and your only choice is to leave them home. It sounds like your little one gets motion sickness, and if it's not an absolute MUST to take him somewhere (like on an extended trip/vacation) it would probably be best to leave him at home.

Hardsided cat carriers are the choice carrier because if something happens, the hard sides will protect the hedgie. Material, not so much. You should ALWAYS use a carrier in the car. If you get into an accident and you're holding your hedgie, there's not telling how far he's going to fly out of your hands.

You should also ALWAYS have liners in the carrier--and take EXTRA ones at that. Even the most seasoned hedgie can get carsick or go potty and it's a miserable thing for them to be sitting in that moisture and smell. Because of this, you should always take 2-3 extra liners and stop every hour or so to check, especially on long trips or more often if you can't avoid traveling and your hedgie gets sick often. Liners also help keep jostling to a minimum so most people like to put 2-3 layers of fleece down as a liner to keep hedgie from getting jostled about--which could be why your guy gets so carsick anyway if you haven't been using a carrier.

If a trip can't be avoided, here is a post with carsickness remedies: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1051
If he's getting that sick, though, I would leave him home as much as possible.
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