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I'd be wary of feeding hedgehogs veterinary diets since they can be formulated to meet rather specific needs of SICK animals that normal animals do not need. They do make it so that a normal pet can eat it fine without any major consequences, but do remember that this is in the case of the animal species they formulated the food for (i.e. a cat or dog).

Veterinary lines of pet food do have stricter guidelines for making and checking the food before shipping them out so it can be beneficial in this sense... But again, I'd be wary of why the food is recommended to certain patients.

P.S. Even 'Maintenance' foods are not necessarily normal. A lot of veterinary line food for felines labelled 'maintenance' also help to prevent urine crystal formation (which I believe was by maintaining a certain pH level in the urinary tract -> may be good for cats, but we don't know if hedgehogs have the same needs).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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