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Can someone help??

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Why is my hedgehog not eating as much as he used to??
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He is only 136 days old, i don't really know how many months and imma start counting his kitty food. He has adapted to 72 and 73 degree environment, the only thing that has reaally changed is that it is getting colder outside and his cage was on the wall that was the other side outside wall. If that makes any sense, he used to finish off a full bowl and like on that wall that was the other side is the outside wall he ate a little at a time and my stepmom put him on the warmer wall and he finished off half the bowl. Other than that its the same.
I really do think it might be that he is maturing because like he will eat a little bit one day and the next a little more and it changes everyday. Is that a sign he is maturing?
Thank you!! But i thought you werent supposed to give them fish flavored.. i read that somewhere but yeah im going to try that.. Thank You its helped me very much
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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