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Can someone help??

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Why is my hedgehog not eating as much as he used to??
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Turbo is around the same age as your hedgie and he used to finish off a bowl when he was little, now though some nights he hardly touches it. I assumed this was because he had matured although i do give him a variety of food and some he eats more of than others, i assume this preference so maybe try giving him a different flavour. I was giving Turbo chicken flavoured cat food, then i gave him fish flavoured and he gobbles that up but leaves the chicken. He hasn't lost weight at all and he is a good weight and has remained at that i guess he's just a little fussy because he sure gobbles his treats down :lol:
I heard alot of people say their hedgies wont eat fish sflavoured foods. Turbos breeder said they prefer the chicken and wont eat the fish flavoured but Turbo loves the fish stuff :)

And his poop isnt stinky, it might be when it first comes out but his room never stinks and when i clean it in morning its not even smelly. I know babies poop is smellier though.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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