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Hi, everyone!

My hedgie, Ty, is about 3 months old. He was recently treated for mites, which seem to have cleared up. He is no longer losing quills, stratching, etc., and he is in a much better mood.
However, a couple of nights ago, I found a patch of rough, almost scaly skin on one of his front legs. He's not scratching or chewing it. It's not bleeding or pussing, and it doesn't seem to bother him if I touch it. He is not losing fur around the patch of skin, either. It looks kind of like a patch of severe dry skin or eczima. I know they're prone to dry skin, and I live in the desert, which doesn't help. Can hedgehogs get eczima? There is no sign of any other dry patches and he's not flaking near his quills. This seems to be the only dry skin on his entire body.

I have a vet appointment on Saturday to check it out, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any similar issues?

I'll post a picture when I wake him up tonight.
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