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Calvin's vet visit

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Calvin had a very good vet visit. The vet said he's healthy, just going to be small. Cal spent most of the exam curled up, but every now and then a foot would come up and wave around. His previous owner, despite the lack of bedding, took good care of him. He's actually very social (except with the vet).

I've got a heat lamp set up coming in the mail. The one emitter bulb at our pet smart is the same squished box that was there when I bought Ender's. I went to Amazon instead. In the mean time, the space heater is going and I switch the lamp between the two. I don't think Calvin likes it too warm. We got home last night after a meeting and found him curled up asleep in his wheel. I moved the lamp back to Ender's cage and Cal was in his igloo in the morning.

He's had a bit of Ender's egg and eaten it and doing well on his crunchies. Apparently he's not a bottle boy, even though he had one before. I couldn't tell if he was drinking so he got a small crock of water. I keep refilling it so he's drinking it.

Pics, b/c I've never gotten this view of Ender sleeping:


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Guess the vet didn't have the right scent or something, eh? Too cute about a little foot waving around :)

Amazing pictures. I've never had the fortune to find mine in her wheel. She's such a closet wheeler. I think the last time she noticed her hedgiedaddy was near while wheeling, she growled at him. *GROWLED*

Glad to hear your little one is healthy.

Love the pink nose.
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