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This is my cage set up so far. I'd love suggestions and opinions of what could be better! I'm getting my baby Thursday morning.

Do you think I need to add more stuff to the cage? I have the dig box, and I'm able to get more tubes and such before Thursday. I don't want her to be bored or feel like there is too much space.

I do have a 100 watt CHE and a 8.5 in dome, and the far edges of the cage are registering between 75 and 77 degrees, with the igloo registering about 77-78. My plan was to start the temps high and work down if she doesn't like it because I don't even want to risk her being too cold right now, or ever. I do have a tile in there for her to cool off on if need be. I do tend to sleep with the window open at night and it was a bit chillier in the cage this morning so I might add another small heat lamp just in case. I'll be sleeping with the window closed the first night I get her at least to keep it warm.**I'll also have a small lamp on top for light.

The wheel in there is the All Living Things medium wheel which is 8.25 inches in diameter. I'm hoping to use this wheel for only a couple nights at the most. (I have a volcano view wheel on the way, it was supposed to ship today, it hasn't so far, but that's a rant for another post).


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