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Cage screening/wires

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So I am building my cage for Shredder, and I am wondering if I use screening for doors, will he be able to live up to his name and shred through it? There is two types of screening, the regular screening being the cheaper and easier to put on, and there is an aluminum screening which is probably 3x as expensive and harder to put on. Will the cheaper work just as good, or should I not be using screening so small? The screen is taught and not bendable, my major concern is him being able to rip it up.
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You can buy pet proof screening. It's nylon and is dog proof so a hedgehog couldn't damage it. You could also use plastic/nylon hardware cloth.
Yeah I got the pet screen, I saw it at the last second yesterday. Okay, glad I didn't waste any money on that. The only tough part is to make it taught enough so it can't climb up. need to get some elbow grease now..
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