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C&C means Cube and Coroplast

The cubes are a reference to cavy cages, but an animal play pen will work too with a little enguineuity.
The coroplast is a corrugated plastic that can be scored and folded to cover the bottom of the pen. The coroplast should have a high side so the hedgie cannot escape through the pen bars.

As for steralite, you should be able to find bins at wal-mart that have a floor space varying from 1 to 6 square feet. For a hedgie with a wheel and all that jazz, a 4-6 square foot steralite bin is recommended. If you wish you can just connect two smaller ones also. You can find out about that in the "build your own cage" thread. I believe it is stickied.
With these bins, you just need to put holes about half way up and above to allow for better ventilation. A roof should not be necessary unless your hedgehog is a super pro climber.
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