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I just finished making a C&C cage, and this website walked me through almost every step:

Towards the bottom on that page it talks about where to get supplies, and there is a yellow "Find Materials" button that takes you to a database with entries from people telling where they have found coroplast (listed by area.) It also talks about alternatives if you can't find it anywhere.

I have a 3 year old so a lid was a necessity for my cage. I went to Home Depot and bought ClosetMaid wire shelves that I just set on top. I bought a really long piece for about $20 and they cut it into the two correctly sized pieces that I needed.

Also, since I was worried about my baby hedgie being able to squeeze through the cube holes, I used the panels from 2 Midwest Small Animal Playpens for my walls and connected them with colorful zipties. I got the playpens from Petco.com, and through Google I found a Free Shipping + 10% off coupon!

Hope this helps. It was pretty easy to assemble once I had gathered all the supplies. :)
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