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Building a Loft

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I just got a new cage for the hedgehog I'll be getting in April, and have been looking over various posts about cage setup, and I LOVE the idea of a loft! I don't have a ton of horizontal space in my house right now (I'm moving in May, and will have more room then, and already have plans for horizontal cage expansion), but I could definitely add a loft into the cage I already have!

I'm not entirely sure how to go about building one, though. I know that it needs to be closed on the sides so he won't fall, and that a tube is the best ramp, but what materials should I use to build it, and, once it's built, how can I attach it in the cage? I'm thinking of using C&C stuff to make the loft (with plastic covering the bottom). Would that work? I'm going to start searching, but does anyone know what Canadian stores carry that kind of stuff?

My cage is 40.5 inches long, 18 inches wide and 20.5 inches high, with horizontal bars attached with a vertical bar every few inches around. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2753290 I'll obviously measure everything first to make sure it'll fit in a manner that won't make my hedgie bump his little head. If anyone has some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!
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I haven't put a loft on mine yet but I have put a lot of thought in how I'd do it because I really would like one too. My plan was to use hardware cloth for strength and then put choroplast/plastic cutting board/plastic sheet from hardware store for the bottom of the floor and sides. I was going to make a completely enclosed box with the hardwear cloth and attach to the top and sides of the cage with zip ties every inch or so for the floor so there wasn't a risk of it falling. I was going to make one of the sides be able to hinge down so if I needed to get the hedgie out from the loft. I was going to use a pvc pipe or dryer pipe to access the top floor and cut a circle the size of the pipe into the hardware cloth to get into the loft. My cage is a little different but judging by the pics of the one you have it seems like it might work for yours too :)
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