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I don't know where to even categorize this question but I needed to ask..
I have some kind of brownish/orangish dye on my hand that won't wash off with soap,
and I was wondering if that could come from my hedgie? It's the first time this happened, but I can't think of any other thing that I've had in my hand that would cause this.

Today during his playtime in the garden, Bacon had lots of fun annointing himself like crazy (I've never seen so much spit lol) and then started to go back to sleep so I brought him back in. Then I let him explore and tunnel my clothes while I sat and watched TV, and he fell asleep in the pocket of my hoodie (which was adorable! hehe)
I fell asleep too, so about 2 hrs afterwards I put him back in his cage and went to wash my hands and found this brownish dye on the palm of my hands that just would not wash off. (It had no distinct odor)
I was thinking maybe it could be Bacon's spit.. since he did annoint a lot.. but I also didn't find any spots or stuff on my clothing where he tunneled around, or on the end of my sleeves which I used to cover my hands when I picked him up to bring him inside from the garden (thus had the first contact with him after he annointed).
It is really mystifying!
The only things that my hands have been in contact with this evening are normal stuff, car steering wheel, door handles, chopsticks, computer keyboard, etc., then the egg and watermelon bits I fed Bacon, then Bacon himself. The dye is all over the palm side of my left hand and fingers, and then on the inside tips of my middle, index, and thumb of my right hand.
Have you guys had any experience with hedgie spit that would dye your hands(but not your clothes???)? And if it is hedgie spit, any ideas on how to wash it off my skin?
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