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Brocolli and Dry Cat Food

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Hello Fellow Hedgehog Owners:

I am a new hedgehog owner and have only had my little guy for 6 days. Tonight I gave my hedgehog Spork a small piece of broccoli. I do not think he has ever had some before. He ate it and it caused him to anoint. I am glad I knew what he was doing or I would have thought I poisoned him. Does anointing mean they like what they are eating. If so is it safe to give him a small tid bit of broccoli everyday?

Also, I have bought my new guy food, that is off the recommend dry food list, the brand is Wellness. How much should I be giving him each day? When I first got him (last friday) he ate and drank at lot, now he seems to barely eat. How much water and food should a 7 month old male hedgehog be eating?

P.S. He has no problem eating meal worms. I give him one every night.

Any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Me & Spork
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I am new to hedgies too but I read that anointing is when they like something! I dont see any harm in feeding him brocoli once daily. My girl loves apples! she hasn't anointed to them ! I wish she would find something she liked that much, but I guess I will keep trying! :mrgreen:
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