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Hello everyone I have a female hedgehog that is about 8 months old now. She was bred on may 1st. Few days ago I cleaned her cage and place her in a small clear bucket. She appears really fat and I notice she got like 4-6 nipples showing. (from looking under the clear bucket) This is like for female rats/hamsters when they preggo.

Question #1 I seen a lot of thread stating oh I put my male and female hedgehog together for an hr or so.... Will she be pregnant and how would I know? Everyone's answer was she is for sure you got to wait 30-45 days and see what happens?? So my question is can't you tell if the female is preggo if her nipples starts showing and she is fat and round..

I've been feeding her royals and she eats like a pig. Not sure if she is fat because of the food or because shes pregnant.

Question #2 How do I know when she is going in labor? What time do they usually give birth?

Question #3 What temp should it be so the kids won't get too cold. I know the hotter it is the more SMELLY its gonna get!! I'm on using a ceramic bulb. NO heatpad.

So yeah its been about 31-32 days ...

I got a funny story I would like to share... I have a huge packman frog that I leave next / near the female hedgehog. So couple days ago I heard some noise that sounded like a crying hedgehog or rat squeeking! I was so excited I went on youtube to check out baby hedgehog and the noises were so similar! Later on I moved my pacman frog and all of the sudden he was scratching his legs trying to dig lower.. false alert it was the pacman frog that made the noise with his feet rubbing againstthe plastic!! so molded.

All comments and help will be appreciated!

Btw I have a salt and pepper male hedgehog and a cinnamon female.
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