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The breeder listings on this site are once again being regularly updated and reviewed for accuracy. All breeders are required to follow the Breeder Code of Ethics as outlined on our Breeder Ethics page to help ensure you find the perfect pet from a reliable breeder, however, you should always use discretion and ask as many questions as possible of breeders in order to make an informed choice.

If you find any broken links, returning email addresses or disconnected phone numbers, or if a breeder listed on our pages does not comply with basic ethical practices, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY as we strive to keep this Breeder List the most accurate and complete list of quality hedgehog breeders from around the globe.

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Denotes USDA Licensed Breeders (information on how to obtain a USDA License)


Houndstooth Hedgehogs- Morgan Harris

705 12th Avenue NE
Jacksonville, Alabama


Houndstooth Hedgehogs is based off of a small herd and is located in Jacksonville, Alabama. (Northeast Alabama) I breed healthy and friendly baby hedgehogs that are all priced $150 regardless of color or gender. Please visit my webpage for more information.

Tranquill Hedgies - Kristy Marson
Northport, AL

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USDA License #: 64-A-1054


I have created a herd from eight USDA licensed breeders spanning 5 or 6 states; I wanted to ensure that I had a genetically diverse herd. I favor animals with unique facial markings and high contrast between physical attributes, i.e.: dark ears against light quills.


Wild For Hedgehogs - Billie Wilder

1283 Candle Lite Loop
North Pole, AK



Ethical breeders in the state of Alaska, located in the Fairbanks area.
We strive to produce hedgehogs with a good temperament, healthy bloodlines, and to make sure we give support on how to care for our babies.

Hedgie Hollow - Renee Laseter
1712 Flatwater Cir
Anchorage, AK

We are just getting started. Collecting a herd in Alaska has not been easy. At this time we will keep two females.
If we decide to grow. At that time we will apply for USDA license. On FB Finding Hedgehogs in Alaska.


Hedgehog Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Iris

AZHedgies- Eric Malsack
Phoenix, AZ

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USDA License #: 86-A-0090

Shipping within the USA

We are Arizona's first USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. We have acquired a diverse herd from other USDA breeders across the country with strong healthy lineages. Proud member of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA). All of our herd and babies come registered with the IHA. Pedigrees are available for all our hedgehogs upon request. Our herd consists of Algerians, Pintos, Reverse Pintos, High White Pintos and Albinos. Shipping is available with details on our website.

Pokipals - Keith Coddington
2172 W Cohen Court
Anthem, Arizona


Ashley's Animals - Ashley Olson
Tucson, Arizona


We recently relocated from Las Vegas, NV to Tucson, AZ. Small hobby breeder focused on producing hoglets with great pedigrees and amazing temperaments.

Scottsdale Hedgehog Society - Daisy
6633 E Greenway Parkway
Scottsdale, Arizona

Shipping within the USA


McEntire Hedgehogs - Connie McEntire
901 N Oregon St
Chandler, Arizona


Shipping within the USA

Pintos, and Albino. Only breed 2 times a year. Not a Hedgehog Mill. We love our little ones. They are Part of the extended family.
The Boy Scouts come in and help me with the babies. We wont the baby's to be happy and friendly for their new families.

San Tan Quills - Danelle Engle
313 E Dry Creek Rd
San Tan Valley, Arizona


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USDA License #: 86-A-0096


Additional_Information: USDA licensed breeder. I love my hedgies and love to share the fun experience of owning a hedgehog.

Rehoming fee varies and is below each picture. They come with Carrying home container, a small bag of food, and birth certificate/pedigree. Please do your research as hedgehogs aren't for everyone. If you have any questions feel free to contact me as well.

I'm located in San Tan Valley but am willing to meet in Queen Creek, or near the SanTan Village Mall in Gilbert.



Hedgehogs are currently illegal to possess in California


Domesticated hedgehog Hedgehog Jaw Carnivore Erinaceidae

Great Forest Hedgehogs - Leona Buttenwieser
Monument, CO

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USDA License # 84-A-1085


I am a small hobby breeder located in Tri-lakes area. Our herd lines come from all over the USA and we have a variety of colors and markings. All babies have health guarantees and come with care packets and pedigrees if needed. We do also have adults available at times both retired and rescues. We keep a small herd so babies get lots of individual attention and come well socialized.
Check out my website for more information.

Prickly Paws Hedgehogs - Evagene Winters
6536 County Rd 8
Rush Co 80833

Web site: pricklypawshedgehogs.co

USDA 84-B-0134


Hafta Have Hedgehogs - Marlo Byars
Frederick, Colorado


Hafta Have Hedgehogs

We are breeders focusing on quality animals with good dispositions. Our goal is to produce a quality hedgehog in hopes to make them a wonderful addition to your family. Our herd consists of some of the top bloodlines around. We have many different colors to choose from.

Colorful Quills Hedgehogs - Ann Malburg
17895 Plains Edge
Peyton, CO


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USDA License #82-A-0184


We are located just outside of Colorado Springs about an hour south of Denver. We strive to produce healthy hedgehogs with great pet temperaments.

#1515 121 n sangre de cristo ave
Buena Vista, CO


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USDA License #84-A-0200


Shipping to USA* Canada* (check state laws)

We here at hikslittlehogs LOVE our high altitude GREAT attitude hogs and hog-ettes.
Proud Papas Albi and ****** come from fantastic lineage and do our mountain mamas!
We specialize in high altitude born and raised hedgehogs that come from a good home and only go to likewise!
Come check us out: hikslittlehogs.com

Quillsters Hedgehogs - Diane Wray
412 Hillcrest Road
Bayfield, CO



We are a small hobby breeder located in southwest Colorado.

Happy Hogs - Carlyn Scarpino
1630 Holtwood Rd
Rush Co 80833

Web site:

USDA 84-B-0134


Babies by the middle of Jan 2018, mainly brown and white, I do keep breeding records, also have custom cages with exercise wheel, igloo, and food and water dishes.

SOCO HOGwarts - Cheyenne Ellis

417 East Iowa Avenue
Fountain, CO

Website: www.socohogwarts.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SOCOHOGwarts
Phone Number: 508-648-7040
We do ship

Welcome to SOCO HOGwarts
My business is focused on improving hedgehog genetics by doing select
breeding to unique outcrosses.
My herd is built around proven and diversified lines.
I will have pedigreed babies available for adoption with a guarantee to be free of WHS and they will come with a 6 month health guarantee.
I am focused around hedgehog enrichment and improving their quality of life. I am offering lots of education tools and tips.
We are located in COLORADO SPRINGS!


Connor and Jims exotics - James O'Neil

Stratford, CT


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USDA Lic#16-A-0006


Shipping only to legal states in the US

Halpine Hedgehogs - Katherine and Evan Halpine
Windham, CT


AngliaFarm.com is for sale | HugeDomains

Hedgehog Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Fawn

S.E.C.T. Hedgehogs - Tamara Sevigny
4 Oak Street, Lyme, CT 06371


USDA Licensed Breeder with years of experience. Hedgehogs are bred for temperament and health. Babies are well socialized from an early age and cared for by my family to become a wonderful pet for your family.
Babies come with a lifetime warranty against WHS.

S.E.C.T. Hedgehogs also offers a rescue initiative for intake and adoption.

Southeastern Connecticut Hedgehogs - hobby breeder - Tamara Sevigny
Lyme, CT


North Eastern Exotics - Rafael Rivera
Sherwood Avenue
Bridgeport, CT


Here at North Eastern Exotics quality is our number 1 priority. We only breed healthy & handleable hedgehogs to provide the best pets for your household! We plan to get our USDA Liscense as we expand our collection of animals and continue to produce perfection!
Colors Available: Salt & Peppers,Apricots, and Cinnicots.


Krittere - Katie Fontinha

1301 Greentree St
Wilmington, Delaware

ID Number: 403073792

Hurricane Hedgehogs


No listings at present


Hurricane Hedgehogs - Selena Buck

Bartow, Florida

Phone: 863-618-5212
FL Lic #: ESC 8780

ID Number: 403073792

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USDA Lic# 58-A-0262

Hurricane Hedgehogs

I am a USDA licensed breeder of African Hedgehogs, located in central Florida. I breed for health and for good temperaments. All my hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. Babies will also be registered and come with pedigrees. I start socializing my babies at an early age as long as mom doesn't get stressed.

Shipping is available to legal states with a verifiable address

Hedgehogs By Adam - Adam Goll
8640 Jernigan Rd. #31
Pensacola, FL

Phone: 850-292-6826

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USDA Lic# 58-B-0585


I am a USDA licensed breeder of Hedgehogs, located in Northwest Pensacola, Florida. Our hedgehogs are breed for top health, temperament and color variety. Our babies are handled from a young age to ensure that they are well socialized and friendly. Check out our site and like us on Facebook!

Hedgehogs by Hoodpetz - Amy Hood
North Florida

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USDA Lic# 58-B-0503


USDA Licensed - Located in North Florida. Our hedgehogs are IHR registered & come with pedigree. We are small scale but growing. Our breeding goals are health, temperament and color variety. Our babies are handled daily from a young age to ensure that they are well socialized and friendly. Visit our website to see our herd, read about hedgehog care, check availability/pricing or contact us.

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South Florida's TOP NOTCH HEDGEHOGS of Miami - Janine B.
Homestead, FL


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USDA Lic# 58-A-0318


South Florida's TOP NOTCH HEDGEHOGS of Miami - The LARGEST USDA Licensed Breeders in all of South Florida! Delivering top quality hedgehogs with beautiful markings and wonderful personalities! We produce a wide selection of gorgeous unique colors such as: blacks, reverse pintos, split face, chocolates, cinnicots, cinnamons, pintos, platinums, etc.

Sun Coast Hedgehogs - Katie McNeal & Aliera Peterson
Jacksonville, Florida


Phone: 904-385-8591

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USDA License Number: #58-A-0335

Sun Coast Hedgehogs breeds friendly, healthy and colorful hedgehogs. Our hoglets make friendly and charming pets. We offer a wide range of colors including split faces, super dark blacks, greys, pintos, snowflakes, cinnacots, cinnamons and more. Our hedgehogs are healthy and happy. All babies come with a health guarantee and after-purchase support. Shipping is available across the country. Babies available year round!

JoJo's Hedgies - Farrah N
396 NW 45 th terr
Deerfield Beach, FL


Shipping within the USA

Breeding for health and temperament.
Please text only if interested.

butchbutterfly - April Skipper
7799 chipwood n
Jacksonville, FL


Shipping available

Bobbie Watson
14002 Sweat Loop Rd
Wimauma, FL



Panhandle Exotics
4500 N Palafox St
Pensacola, FL


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USDA Lic# 58-B-0599


USDA & state licensed breeder and pet store specializing in exotic pets.

Hedgie Hut - Geneva Richards
401 Hyacinth Dr. Apt. 101, Pensacola, Florida

Phone: 850-760-2624

ZIP 32506

Shipping: USA

Hurricane Hedgehogs

Breeding Hedgehogs to produce the best pets possible for beginners and advanced owners alike.



Paradise Valley Farm - Hope Bennett

2912 Paradise Valley Rd
Cleveland, GA


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USDA Lic# 57-C-0300

Colors we breed for include: salt and pepper, apricot, cinicot, chocolate, gray and pinto.


Hedgehog Domesticated hedgehog Erinaceidae Plant Flower

Good Natured Hedgehogs - Oksana
Caldwell, ID

Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA Lic# 82-A-0058

Good Natured Hedgehogs by Oksana Eden. We are USDA licensed,small hedgehog breeder located in Idaho. All our hedgehogs are good behaving pets handled regularly by adults and kids. Here at "Good Natured Hedgehogs", we focus on health and carefully screen "Breeding Quality" hedgehogs with excellent pedigrees, clean lines and good temperament. If we sell a hedgehog that is a "Pet Quality" we will inform buyers that they shouldn't breed that particular hedgehog. "Pet Quality" hedgehogs will not be cheaper and will not be any less healthy than other hedgehogs we have. Naturally shy hedgehogs can usually be won over but some hedgehogs may always seem "grouchy". Our goal is to produce natural high tolerance in hedgehogs to humane handling.


Morning Star Hedgehogs - Jonell Stetz

650 Douglas Ave
Addison, IL, 60101


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USDA Lic# 33-A-0552


Breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. With a herd of 50 breeding adults we produce 4-5 litters per month. Member of the IHA. Herd registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. Health guarantee against Congenital Defects and Lifetme Guarantee against WHS. Huge variety of colors and strong facial markings. Check the website for available animals. We carry all things Hedgie from complete set ups to wheels and hedgie sacks. Ask about our boarding and spa services!

Fairhaven Hedgehogs - Lisa Lewandowski
421 Fairhaven Lane
Mundelein, IL



I'm a small hobby breeder that strives to produce healthy hoglets with excellent temperaments. Babies are handled daily when they're old enough. I produce a range of colors and unique facial markings! I offer a one year warranty against genetic diseases, and a lifetime warranty against WHS. I only have a few litters per year. Please contact me, or check out my website, for more info!

Prickle Pack Hedgehogs - Lisa Lewandowski - Jenna Perlick
1219 E Paddock Dr
Palatine, IL



Well socialized, pedigreed hedgehogs - specializing in standard colors.


Northern Indiana Hedgehogs - Jennelle Johnson

51643 Northfield Drive
Elkhart, IN



We're a USDA licensed facility, we breed for health and temperment first and foremost. All our hedgehogs have pedigrees, Our hedgehogs are like family and come before anything else. Let us help you find your new prickly pal today.

Hoosier Hedgehogs - Derek Kelly
729 Main Street
Vincennes, In


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USDA Lic# 32-A-0453


Hoosier Hedgehogs is a USDA Breeder with the goal of producing quality hedgehogs to become a member of your family not just a pet.

Jennifer's Hedgie Haven - Jennifer Jack
Logansport, In



We are a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs located in Northwest Indiana.

We have raised and cared for hedgehogs since 2000.

Our hedgehogs are bred first for health and temperament. Producing babies in a small variety of patterns and colors. All come with Pedigree and Care Package.

Kurtskritters - Goshen, IN



I personally care for each and every pet I have in stock. By NO MEANS am I a large breeder nor do I house a large amount of animals at one time. I pride myself on honesty, integrity, and reliability. I've been a hobby breeder since 2003 I breed for health, longevity, temperament! socialization starts @ 2weeks old so you will get the nice pet that you wished for! please email any questions you may have.

Hoosier Hedgehogs - Hilary Edgin
Fort Wayne, IN


Very small hobby breeder, that is being mentored by a USDA breeder, and all hedgehogs have pedigrees. Will only have a few litters a year. All hedgehogs receive vet care, and are handled daily. Babies are raised in a home environment.

CC's Exotic Pets - Richard Cunningham
15495 Promise Road
Noblesville, IN


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USDA Lic# 32B0225


CC's Exotic Pets is a USDA breeder of Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders in Indiana. Please contact us for information and a list available pets.


Susan's Hawkeye Hedgies - Susan Crocker

Killduff, IA


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USDA License # 42-A-1372


USDA licensed breeder located near Des Moines, Iowa. I strive to breed healthy, well-socialized hedgies.

Hedgehog Hills - Darryl Langreck
1969 110th Street
Ossian, IA 52161

Hedgehog Hills

We breed our pair of hedgehogs for friendly hoglets that will make good pets. We are very small scale and only have liters twice a year so that our female has plenty of break time between liters. Our whole goal is to breed hedgehogs that people can love as much as we love ours.

Kutabays Hedgehogs - Natalie Connally
339 HWY T14
Pella Iowa 50219


Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA Lic # 42-A-1514

Iowa Bengal Kittens, Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles

Kutabays Hedgehogs takes pride in offering family raised (socialized by our children) hoglets in a variety of colors!

Iowa Family Hedgehogs - Derek Larson
125 S. Russell Ave.
Ames, IA 50010

Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA Lic # 42-A-1510

Iowa Family Hedgehogs

Growing breeder in Ames, IA offering hedgehogs with a variety of colors and endearing personalities.
Cages, toys and accessories available on site!


Free State Hedgehogs - Gloria Nichols

1017 Natalie Dr.
Lawrence, KS


At Free State Hedgehogs I strive for healthy, socialized babies. My herd comes from a respected USDA Licensed breeder. Come by an take a look at whats available.

Paws-N-Claws - Jenina Fortner
312 north Cedar st
Abilene, Kansas


Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA Lic # 48-B-0317


Shipping: Shipping within the USA.

We have been breeding Hedgies for years and have many great lines, completely wobble free. We have various colors Cinnacots to Pintos and some split face. We have a small herd , but we have a good diversty. We handle babys alot and strive for great temperments. We have been expanding into CZR and HHR linenage and more. Thanks Fortner's


Top Quality Hedgehogs - TQHH - Susan

4750 Hartland Parkway Suite #256
Lexington, KY 40515

(859) 608-2698

Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA Lic # 61-A-0142


Flower Purple Plant Carnivore Organism

Welcome to the Breeder List and thanks for scrolling down and checking us out! Here at Top Quality Hedgehogs our babies are handled on almost a daily basis to insure that they are well socialized and people friendly to the best of their individual ability! We let our babies go as soon as they are good and healthy which usually takes place between 6-8 weeks after birth. We work diligently to produce and maintain hedgehogs that are of great health and temperaments. We also strive to produce more and more unique colors! Feel free to look around our site to see what we have to offer! You can view our current "Available Hedgehogs" by clicking on this link: Top Quality Hedgehogs

We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky. If you reside within the US and do not live within driving distance of us than please don't hesitate to contact us about our shipping options!

Thanks and May God Bless Us All,

Top Quality Hedgehogs

A Christ-centered family run business. Giving all Honor, Glory and Praise to God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Shipping Available within the United States, "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Happy-Heart Hedgies - Kat Mullen
3937 Fogle Dr. Apt A
Owensboro, KY



Shipping within the US and Canada

Hi there! We're the new kid on the block, but that doesn't mean we don't know our stuff! We're a small family run business located in Owensboro, KY. Each of our hedgehogs is handled everyday to ensure friendly & happy hedgies, and all hedgehogs come with a health guarantee. We breed for temperament and health and we do breed a variety colors such as black, chocolate, grey & pintos. We ship to states allowing hedgehogs, along with Canada, and have pedigrees for breeders. We offer after purchase assistance if you need to ask any questions as well. Check out our website and feel free to drop us a line.

Western, KY


We are a very small scale breeder of the African Pygmy Hedgehog, located in Western, KY. We breed for health, temperament, longevity, and colors. WE DO NOT SHIP!


No listings at present


No listings at present


Terrapin Hedgehogs - Stasi Kanyuck

807 Chatfield Rd
Joppa, MD


Terrapin Hedgehogs – Selling happy, healthy hedgehogs!

Most experienced, and dedicated, breeder in Maryland. We have been helping people find healthy, well socialized pets for well over a decade. Typically there is a waitlist, but the hedgehogs are well worth the wait!

Quin's Quills - Quin Bowman
Chestertown, MD

Babies available throughout the year.

Marina Agafonova
Laurel, MD



A small hobby breeder focused on raising well socialized hedgies with good temperament. Provide education and support to all hedgehog lovers.

Cumberquill Collection - Hilary Koepenick
506 Jacala Terrace
Rockville, MD



Our hedgie herd is kept small so that each hedgehog can receive the attention it needs. Our hoglets are socialized from day one so all buyers will receive a cuddly, affectionate pet.

Marissas Hedgies - Marissa
Parkton, MD


Small hobby breeder that raises family friendly babies with health guarantees. Visit my website for more information or check us out on facebook (Marissas Hedgies)

DKHedgies - Kylie and Devon
Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD


We are small hobby breeders with the focus of breeding happy and well socialized hedgehogs. We also have another location in West Berlin, NJ. Check out our website and FaceBook page for more information!


Jill's New England Hedgehogs - Jill Warnick

Brookline, MA


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USDA # 14-B-0038

No shipping.

I'm a small hobby breeder since 1995. I breed all colors.

Hedgehog babies are well socialized when ready to go.

Please visit my web site at Jill's New Enland Hedgehogs for much more info.

Also I have produced a video on the care and maintenance of the African Pygmy Hedgehog called "Hedgehogs Unleashed" you can view a clip on my web site.

Cape Cod Hedgehogs
May Sully
Hedgehog Path
Marstons Mills, Massachusetts


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USDA # 14-A-0033


Shipping Available to legal states with in the US

We started our journey as just a regular hedgehog pet owner and loved our Quill Kids so much that we wanted to spread the joy to other people by breeding beautiful, healthy babies for you to take home! All our babies come with a 6 month congenital defect warranty and lifetime guarantee to be free of WHS. For more info about our hedgehogs visit us on facebook. Check out the "About" Tab to learn about our adoption process.

Henrys - Loretta Fitzgerald
131 Plain Street
Millis, MA


Friendly eight week old babies in many varieties available for adoption. Please call (504) 975-4039 if interested. $250.00 each, includes container, food bowels, igloo, blankets and food.

Boston Hedgehogs - Rachel Hoffman
128 Wilmington Rd
Burlington, Massachusetts

(908) 894-8571

This Webs.com site has not yet been published.

No Shipping

We are a small scale hobby breeder. We have been raising hedgies for several years. Genetics are of upmost importance to us and we offer a lifetime genetic guarantee! Please consider us when deciding to make a hedgehog a part of your family. We have babies often and in a variety of colors. They are raised as part of our family so they are very friendly!


Muddy Creek Farms - Ashley Ganey

Snout Paw Whiskers Tail Fur

Granger Road, Oxford, MI


Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA License # 34-A-0194

At Muddy Creek Farms, we take pride in our hedgies as a family and we are thankful that the Lord has blessed us with a hobby we can all enjoy together. We begin handling our babies as soon as possible to ensure proper socialization. All babies come with a 1 year genetic health warranty, as well as a lifetime WHS warranty. Rescues occasionally available.
Click Here for More information

Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs - Shelly Fowler
2255 Huff Road,Johannesburg MI


Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA License # 34-A-0202

Blizzard Baby Hedgehogs: Hedgehog Babies and Supplies

Shipping within the USA.

We strive to produce healthy and happy baby hedgehogs for pets and breeding quality.

Motorcity Hedgehogs - Amy Gilroy
Hartland, Michigan


Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA# 34-A-0189

I am a USDA licensed breeder located in southeast Michigan. We strive to produce healthy and friendly babies, we do get a wide variety of colors also. Our babies are handled from a young age to ensure wonderful personalities. Shipping available to "legal" states. Please call for more information. We also breed Lesser Tenrecs

Hedgie Hog Haven - Nicole Sportell
Fruitport, Mi.


We handle our hedgies from 1 1/2-2 weeks old resulting in loving, friendly, good natured hedgies. We have a variety of colors. We will have more hedgies available in the spring. We have a waiting list right now but you can call or text me at 616-558-3764 to be added to our list. Check us out on Facebook at Hedgie Hog Haven!

Pins and Needles Hedgehogs - Sarah Cooke
6706 adaridge dr se
Ada, Michigan


Log into Facebook

Hello! I am dedicated to raising family ready, friendly, healthy, hedgehogs.

Sweet Quills Hedgehogs - Becky Painter
3267 Whitetail Lane
Twin Lake, Michigan


Hedgehogs For Sale in Michigan | Available Babies | Hedgehog Breeder

Our Hedgehogs are raised in our home, with our busy family! They are well socialized and used to people and every day activities and noises! Please check out our website for more information and pictures!

C.H.L. - Tina Smelker
525 Towne Center
Middleville, MI



Otsego Hedgehogs from MN - Kristal Sneen

14359 95th St NE
Otsego, Mn



Otsego Hedgehogs is located in MN. We are a one stop hedgehog shop that supplies beautiful, healthy, well tempered baby hedgehogs We also have habitats, all supplies needed and lifetime support guarantee. Call or text Krista l @ 952-261-8829.


No listings at present


Laurel's Zoo - Laurel Cronin

113 Laura Dr
Saint Peters, MO


Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA #43-A-3701

Laurel's Zoo Homepage - Look at the Fun Stuff! :)

Our goal is to breed healthy, happy hedgehogs that will be a beloved member of your family for many years. Lifetime guarantee against WHS and continued support for as long as the little guy is with you. The only thing we can't help you with is how to get them to stop playing with squeaky toys at 3am. We think it's too funny to make them stop. :)

Show Me Hedgehogs - Theresa Filipek
25811 Southwind Road
Warrenton, MO, USA


We are a small breeder with 3 Moms and have time to spend with the babies so that they are used to contact. Call or email for availability.

Grand Mesa Hedgehogs - Peggy Graham
643 Pineneedle Court
Grand Junction, MO



Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA# 43-A-3701

Hedgehog Baby - Shannon Miller
34213 W. 188th Street
Lawson, MO


HedgehogBaby.com is for sale | HugeDomains

We currently only have 2 breeding females, so our herd is smaller than most. This gives us time with the babies to socialize them. We have beige, salt & pepper, grey and brown hedgehogs.

Hedgehog Princess - Makenzi Yoder
7221 SE PP Hwy
Holt, Missouri

Hobby breeder with less than three females and one male. Pintos are very regular and very beautiful.

Double H - Tenna Roberts
783 NE 35th Avenue
Trenton, MO


African pigmy hedgehogs. Handled everyday since birth and very friendly.

Lexi Kay's Herd of Hedgehogs - Lexi Gott
1715 saint joseph street
Trenton, Missouri


I have a wonderful variety of hedgehogs. They are very well cared for, and are very sweet! They love to cuddle and play outside! If you are interested please text or call me (my phone number is listed above). You can also e-mail me if needed!


Critter Crazy Hedgehogs - Lindsey Sweeney

Lolo, Montana


Building Font Circle Logo Brand



Critter Crazy Hedgehogs is a small USDA licensed breeder located in Western Montana.We breed healthy, cute and lovable African Pygmy Hedgehogs in a wide variety of colors:)Every hedgie comes with a life time warranty against WHS, a hand made cuddle sack, starter food, ball toy, birth certificate and pedigree (upon request). Our babies are very well socialized and we are here for any and all questions.


Hands Hedgehogs - Sarah Hand

4202 n somers ave
Fremont, NE


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Hand's Hedgehogs

Shipping within the USA

Wholesale prices available. I strive to produced healthy, friendly, pedigreed hedgehogs for pet homes. Shipping is available.

Renn's Hedgehog Heaven - Melissa Mesenbrink, Andrew Renn
706 Hickory St
Omaha, NE


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Shipping within the USA


Feathers and Spikes - James Enscoe

Las Vegas, NV



New to the HBA summer of 2011, FAS herd initials issued by IHR/HBA. Also breed exotic birds and have all hedgie and bird supplies at our retail location in Las Vegas, NV.

Reno Hedgehogs - Brian Foote
Reno, NV


We are a small family breeder in Reno, Nevada. Our hedgehogs are raised in a clean, healthy environment and are all loved and well-socialized.

Silver State Quills - Brenda Craven
Elko, NV

Building Font Circle Logo Brand

USDA License # 88-A-0020


Shipping to the USA and Canada

We are a new breeder with many bloodlines. We started as a 4H project and now we are producing healthy, well socialized hoglets that are finding forever homes.

Tahoe Hedgehogs - Jessica
1 Canyon Drive
Stateline, NV


I breed and sell African Pygmy Hedgehogs in Stateline NV. I have babies often. The colors I breed for are; algerian dark gray with dark masks, grays, chocolates, cinnamons, pintos, and sometimes get babies with unique facial markings. I rarely have red eyed hedgies. I breed only the highest quality hedgehogs in health and temperament. All babies come with a lifetime genetic heatlh guarantee. Fully equipped hedgehog cages available, as well as hand mixed high quality food. Please e-mail me if you are interested in a baby hedgehog.

LV Chinchillas - John
Las Vegas, NV


We are a Hedgehog breeder located in Las Vegas, NV! Our goal is to provide families healthy and socialized hoglets.
Our hedgehog parents are from the best of the best lines and we guarantee a lifetime warranty against WHS!

New Hampshire

Granite State Hedgehogs - James Brennan

79 Main Street
Ashland, New Hampshire


Granite State Hedgehogs - MA and NH based hedgehog breeder

Shipping within the USA

New Jersey

DKHedgies - Devon and Kylie

Route 73
West Berlin, NJ


We are small hobby breeders with the focus of breeding happy and well socialized hedgehogs. We also have another location in Rockville, MD. Check out our website and FaceBook page for more information!

Hudymas Hedgies - Leif Hudyma
319 Mistle Road
Millville, MD



small hobby breeder

Radical Quills

Megan Milltown, New Jersey
[email protected]
We are a hobby breeder of pedigreed hedgehogs located in Central NJ. We breed for health/temperament first and foremost. We dedicate a lot of time to our hedgehogs and their socialization to offer you friendly, happy, and healthy hedgies! We do not ship our hedgehogs, local pick up only. We have our NJ Fish & Wildlife Pet Shop-Retail Sales Permit

Radical Quills

New Mexico

Desert Hedgehogs

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We are a small scale breeding facility, that hand-raises each baby hedgie to be a loving, healthy pet.

New York

Hogheavenhedgehogs - Kim and Gina Tipton

Niagara Falls, New York


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USDA License #21-B-0164


We are the only USDA licenced breeder in New York State. And proud to be the largest breeder in the north east. Our usda licence number is 21-B-0164. Were a family owned business located in Niagara Falls, New York. Our breeding stock is quite extensive, so we pretty much have baby hedgehogs available all the time. Our goal is to have a trendy unique web site that is educational yet informative. But our ultimate goal is to be a top breeder of quality, healthy and happy hedgehogs with excellent temperaments. Please visit our website at: www.hogheavenhedgehogs.com You may also call us at: 716/298-5025.

Jennifer Brucz
Akron, NY

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USDA# 21-A-0164

phone_number: 716-541-8752

jenns exotics breeder of hedgehogs and chinchillas

Facebook page - Jenns Exotics

Double M Hedgehogs - Heather Williams
6622 Bear Ridge Rd.
Lockport, NY 14094

phone_number: 716-597-8218

I am a small hobby breeder. We breed for health and temperment, but we get a variety of colors and patterns. We give a heath guarantee on our babies. They are raised in a home environment. We focus on socializing our babies so they make great pets.

North Carolina

Hedgehog Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog Rodent Toy

Carolina Storm Hedgehogs - Linwood NC


Here at Carolina Storm Hedgehogs our hedgies are part of the family first and foremost. We breed hedgehogs for health, temperament and personality. All of our hoglets come with a five generation pedigree, pre and post support, food and a Carolina Storm Wheel.
Click here for more information

Head Hedgehog Eye Domesticated hedgehog Erinaceidae

Carolina Quillery - Chancy Eckert


We are a small breeder located in Northeastern NC. The raising of our hedgehogs is a combined effort by our entire family. We produce beautiful colorations, unique facial markings, and captivating personalities from desirable bloodlines. We provided replacement warranties against congenital diseases & WHS. We also offer handcrafted hedgehog accessories.

Huffle Puff Hedgehogs of Blounts Creek Farm - Kelcie
Blounts Creek Farm
Blounts Creek, NC



Shipping within the USA.

We breed on a very small scale and are dedicated to producing the best temperament in our babies, along with diverse color variations and unique markings. We have hand picked our hedgehogs from breeders across the US. Our hedgehogs are registered and pedigreed through the IHR (International Hedgehog Registry).

Pixie's Exotic Hedgehogs - Sherri Perry
Creedmoor, NC


Breeding exotic hedgies for loveable personalities and variety of color choices. Babies are handled early so they'll be hand tamed. We breed ALGERIANS for their dark masks, but have other patterns such as Chocolate Chip, Snowflakes, and Albinos. All hedgies are registered with the "International Hedgehog Registry".

Penny's Prickly Pigs - Rachel Penny
Durham, NC


Penny's Prickly Pigs is a small-scale hedgehog breeding program based in Chapel Hill, NC (Raleigh-Durham area). We maintain a small family to make sure each hedgie gets the personal attention and love he or she deserves. For this reason we do not breed for quantity, but rather quality in health and personality. We expect a variety of colors available. All Prickly Pig hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. We are also proud members of Hedgehog Breeders Alliance, Hedgehog World, and Hedgehog Welfare Society.

Hedges Hedgehogs -Allie Holloway
Fayetteville, NC



I breed for happy and healthy hedgies with good temper. I also try to have a varity or colors to choose from.

Roly Poly Hedgehogs - Candy McGehee
5215 Buckhorn rd
Sanford, NC


Small scale breeder located in central NC. Hedgehogs handled daily, and raised with my small children.

Cove Exotics William
1600 Pecan Lane
Kernersville, NC


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USDA# 55-b-132


USDA Licensed breeder in North Carolina.
We have many colors of hedgehogs to choose from. Shipping is available.

Heritage Hedgehogs - Brianna & Bethany Hodson
9315 Swalllow Tail Lane
Charlotte, NC


Welcome to Heritage Hedgehogs! We only ever have 3 breeding females at a time, so we're not required to obtain a USDA license. Since our herd is so small, and there are many of us, we can devote a lot of time to love and care for our hedgehogs. This allows us to raise friendly hedgehogs resulting in an excellent quality pet! We have owned hedgehogs for over 3 years and have been breeding them for more than a year.

Our main focus is to breed for excellent personality and health. We are located in Charlotte, NC and we do not ship any of the babies.

Cute Quills - Gina Yamauchi
107 North Ridge Dr
Asheville, NC


Small herd, but amazing colors! Cinnicot pinto, reverse pinto, half masked. My hedgehogs are loved from the moment they are born. Daily interaction to socialise them to be the best pet possible. Willing to travel to meet at a reasonable distance.

Cox Zoo Hedgehogs - Darin Cox
2312 Dreyfus Ct., Garner, NC 27529


We are a small breeder in central NC, specializing in happy, healthy, and well-socialized babies!

We expect our next two litters in mid-December. See our website for more details, and to contact us to be placed on the waiting list for Christmas babies!


Looking to breed my male Algerian Grey and White Hedgehog

North Dakota

Quills N' More Quills - Tera Christian

545 Summit Avenue
Crookston, Minnesota


Log into Facebook

Shipping to most states in the USA.

Hello! My babies are one of a kind! For 3 years, I have focused on breeding friendly and healthy hedgehogs!

I have a Zoology degree, which makes me knowledgeable! I sell supplies to make purchasing them convenient.

All of my hedgehogs are raised around children and other animals.


Hedgehog Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Finger

Ohio Millermeade Farms - Gail Dick
12494 St. Rt. 15
Montpelier, OH 43543

Phone: 419-485-3734

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USDA# 31-A-0078

Home - Millermeade Farm's Critter Connection: Hedgehogs For Sale. Hedgehog Care & Housing. Hedgehog Caging & Supplies Home Page

HuckStar Hedgehogs - Christa Stark
Washingtonville, Ohio

Phone: 330-429-1348

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USDA# 31-A-0430


The ethical mating of quality hedgehogs that will maximize this animals unique and positive qualities. To educate our customers and community on responsible stewardship of hedgehogs, and kindness to all animals.

Huber Hogs - Megan Gump
Huber Heights, Ohio


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USDA# 31-A-0426


I am a small scale breeder just starting up. I want to keep my herd small so that my hedgehogs get daily attention. So far I have had a wide range of colors come out of my pedigreed
parents. I only start taking deposits when the babies are 3weeks old, But I do have a waiting list for anyone interested.

Poooh's Hedgehogs DBA Ann M Gromley - Ann Gromley
PO Box 442, Kingsville


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USDA# 31-A-0501

I love to share the joy of owning a adorable Hegdehog. Currently working on a website!

397 east 17th avenue, Columbus



Proudly serving Central Ohio. The hedgys are given daily attention and are extremely friendly because of this. We believe in providing pet parents with the best and easy adoption experience. Just take a look at our website and see for yourself.

Carnation City Quills - Jody Grubb
215 E. Summit St
Alliance, Ohio



Shipping within the USA.

We are a small breeding herd, we breed first and foremost for health and temperment. We breed clean lines and offer a lifetime health guarentee with every baby.

Heart of Ohio Hedgies - Kaysea Smith
2570 Lindsay Road
Columbus, Ohio


Shipping to Legal States within the US.

We strive to produce the healthiest and happiest babies. All of our hedgehogs are free of WHS lines and other genetic diseases.

Sonic Hedgehogs - Gabriella Fernandez
Washington Ave
Ashtabula, Ohio



Shipping within the US.

We live by the breeders code of ethics and aim to raise well tempered and healthy parents and babies! They are raised from our family to yours, with all the love and care in the world.

DKS (Dee Kay's Suggies N Hedgehogs) - Deanna Colon
1872 county road 37
Scottown, Ohio


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USDA# 31-A-0543


Shipping within the US.

My hedgehogs are lineage or have partial lineage available

Hog and Lotl Breeders - Emilie Myatt
3666 Adaline Dr
Stow, Ohio



We are a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and well as Axolotls.
We focus on quality animals with good dispositions.
Babies are handled daily when they're old enough.
Our goal is for you to have a happy healthy animal that will become a part of your family!

Prickly Pet - John Chandler
124 Hickory St
Andover, Ohio


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USDA License # 31-A-0516


Shipping within the USA where not prohibited

Our goal is to establish strong bloodlines and breed unique color variations while maintaining excellent records to track bloodlines. Not only do we consider color and genetics when pairing all of our animals, but temperament as well.

Hedgehoggery - Charlotte
Cincinnati, Ohio


At hedgehoggery.org we specialize in raising the best hedgehogs. We handle our hedgies every single day and ensure that we're sending home happy healthy babies. For more information check out our website!

Clements Exotics - Angie Clements
71 Waterstone Drive
Franklin, Ohio




Hog and Lotl Breeders - Emilie Myatt
4839 Hudson Drive
Stow, Ohio



We are a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and Axolotls. We focus on quality animals with good dispositions. Babies are handled daily when they're old enough. Our goal is for you to have a happy healthy animal that will become a part of your family!


Gunner's Quills Hedgehogs and Tenrecs - Mackensie Shappley

9711 North 108th East Ave
Owasso, Oklahoma


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USDA License # 73-A-2745


Shipping is available to only legal states in the USA

Our #1 priority is to provide healthy, well socialized quilly companions! Our hedgehog babies come with a lifetime Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) guarantee as well as a warranty against congenital health defects and cancer until the hedgehog's 1st birthday. Our babies will also come home with a starter bag of food and post-sale support for the entire life of the hedgehog. We offer FREE meet and greets once a month to those who would like to know if a hedgehog is a good fit for their family.


West Coast Hedgehogs - Kimberly Goertzen

Corvallis, OR


West Coast Hedgehogs has a small-scale, high quality breeding program, raising beautiful, friendly, healthy babies that we place in carefully screened homes. We are also a HWS rescue station and take in dozens of rescues annually, as well as offer affordable boarding services to local owners regardless of where their hedgehog is from. We are the authors of Pet African Hedgehogs - A Complete Guide to Care and actively help educate people on responsible hedgehog care. Visit our website to learn more about us and see what hedgies we may have looking for good homes!

Rose City Hedgehogs - Niki Sprauer
Portland, OR


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Shipping available May-September
All of our babies come with a 6 month congenital health guarantee and lifetime guarantee against WHS.


Hedgehogs are currently illegal to possess in Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Little Rhodies Hedgies - Anivia Carinha

Blanding Ave
East Providence, RI

I'm a small hobby breeder here in Rhode Island. Looking to expand soon!
I have a passion for Hedgehogs. Once our babies are 14 days old we handle them daily. I look forward to hearing from you!

South Carolina

Carolina Hedgehog - Teresa J. Kirby

Ruffin, SC



At Carolina Hedgehog, we breed for Quality not Quantity,ensuring better temperament,health and longevity. Our colours available, are Salt & Pepper,Dark Grey with Pinto. Our baby hedgies are hand raised,and handled everyday,which helps guarantee a well socialized family pet. Check our website.

Snake Eyes Reptiles and Exotics - Sarah Dillow
Ridgeville, SC

(803) 316-3055

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We are USDA licensed breeders of African Pygmy Hedgehogs and breed for a variety of colors to include but not limited to: Snowflake varieties, salt and pepper, chocolate, grey, dark grey, albino, cinnamon, apricot, cinnicot, pinto, reverse pinto, etc. Our babies are well socialized by the time they go to their new homes. We have babies year-round so don't hesitate to contact us and put a deposit down today! We welcome questions of any kind!

Angels by Sophia Gray


We have three available for adoption, born October 30th

Easy on the Eyes - Jackie, Erin and Heather
Seneca, SC


The Thicket Rabbitry

We are a small breeder located in Seneca, SC. We breed for health and conformation. We will give you lifetime support on any questions or concerns you may have. We will try our best to represent our Hedgehogs honestly in all aspects. All Hedgehogs sold come with a lifetime warranty against any genetic problems with proof of autopsy.

Tresa Black
Leesville, SC

Palmetta Hedgehog Plantation

We are a small husband/wife team who pride ourselves on raising quality hedgies.
Quality NOT quantity is important to us. Please contact us or visit our website to inquire about availability or about being added to our waiting or reserve lists.

RepStiles Exotics - Ben and Ashleigh
Columbia, Sc


We raise and breed quality animals and are dedicated to the health and well being of all of our animals. We look forward to sharing our passion with you check us out at Repstiles.com

Cutie Quills - Kellie Cothran
724 S. Holland St.


My hedgehogs are my babies first, breeding herd second. I make sure the babies are sweet & healthy before going to their new homes.

Payton's Hedgehog Quills - Kelli Lee
505 Waxford Way
Simpsonville, SC 29681



I am a small breeder in Simpsonville, SC. I breed for good temperament and good health care. All hedgehogs are certified.

South Dakota

Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Fawn Terrestrial animal Mustelidae

Northern Plains Hedgehogs - Tanya Wieser
Rosholt, South Dakota

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USDA# 46-A-0398

Northern Plains Hedgehogs is a USDA licensed breeder located in South Dakota. We also serve the upper Midwestern states of MN, ND, IA, NE, and WI. We strive to produce quality, healthy hedgehogs that are well-socialized with excellent temperaments. We usually have hedgehogs available at all times in a wide variety of colors. All of our hedgehogs come with a lifetime guarantee against WHS, lifetime support, a care guide, birth certificate, food, and a fleece snuggle bag. Please feel free to check out our website for more information. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook. Just search for Northern Plains Hedgehogs.

HedgeQuarters - Mercedes Preheim
Tabor, SD

Here at HedgeQuarters we strive to produce Healthy, Happy, Colorful, Quality Hedgehogs. We have a number of different colors to choose from that varry from litter to litter. They are family raised and handled daily. We only have a few hedgehogs so that each of them can have lots of TLC everyday. Contact Us if you plan to take home one of these little Cuties.

Exotic Pets for Your Unique Personality - Sasha Kelly
13426 Sawmill RD
Rapid City, SD


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USDA# 45-B-0088

Baby hedgehogs are played with daily, given a wide variety of foods and treats to eat as they grow, making them well adjusted to their human families. We only breed a select number of babies a year so that we can focus on raising babies with great temperaments & health

Kaylie's Hedgehogs - Kaylie Schempp
47088 294th St.
Beresford, SD



Tennessee Hedgehogs - Destiny

136 Alice Smith Dr, Portland, TN

Phone: 615-300-5362

ZIP: 37148

ID Number: 403073792


Happy Hogs - Katherine Martin

Wolfforth, TX

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USDA# 74-A-1470


USDA Licensed. Guaranteed handled and friendly. Pedigreed hedgehogs. Come with veterinarian approval! And please, feel free to check out our website at Home | Happy Hogs

Hedgehog Heaven - Kimberly
Huntsville, Texas

Home | hedgehogheaven

We provide happy, healthy, hedgehogs that get lots of attention! We are not a large breeders. We do not have 20 different males and females that we breed 24/7 for a profit. We do not want to put our mommy and daddy hedgies in danger or neglect your new family member by having too many baby hedgies to handle and socialize at once! Hedgehogs are pokey, spiky, huffy and puffy critters but, with time, love and care they will become a valued pet!

FireQuills Hedgehogs - Jennifer Shaver
154 Marquitos Dr
Kyle, TX



FireQuills Hedgehogs & Supplies is a provider of designer hedgehogs to Austin and surrounding area. We strive to produce beautiful pedigree hedgehogs in an array of colors and a sweet, friendly disposition.

Tanglefoot Hedgehogs
2045 CR 248
Temple, TX



We are a small-scale breeder serving the Temple/Waco/Killeen area. Our hedgehogs are excellently tempered and are a lot of fun to play and interact with. Check out our website for more information!

Paws and Prickles - Carissa Bryant
525 Broom Rd
Pleasanton, TX



We are a small herd near San Antonio who aims to provide sweet hoglets to new owners. Check out our website for available little ones or more info on our herd!

Pat's Exotic Pets - Patrick Hughett
301 Ruisseau Dr. #128
Plano, TX


I bred hedgehogs quite a few years ago, and got out of the hobby for a while due to circumstances at the time. I am just now getting back into hedgehogs, because I love working with them! I have just 3 at the moment. As far as breeding, I focus on temperament first, and then various patterns and colors (snowflakes, pintos, reverse pintos, split face, etc.).

McIntire's Mini Mansion - Candice McIntire
16801 abbe lane
Canyon, TX



PokeyMoms - Jared & Lilian Browne

3112 Domian Court
West Valley City, Utah

(801) 809-9699

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Shipping within the USA.

Additional_Information: Our goal is to raise healthy and happy hedgehogs and find them forever homes. We focus on giving our pokey friends a great quality of life, from our family to yours.

Prickle Farms - Stephanie Jorgensen
2862 S Rock Brook Cir
Salt Lake City, Utah


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Shipping within the USA.

At Prickle Farms we strive for quality! all of our hedgehogs are socialized and are held daily from 2 weeks of age on. We have many colors available. Contact us for more information.

Storybook Hedgehogs - Alison Spittler
Bountiful, UT


Shipping: Yes

Only in fair weather to locations where hedgehogs are legal. We also sometimes deliver within the Utah and Idaho area.

We are the first and only USDA-licensed hedgehog breeder in the state of Utah. We strive to better the species through careful selection of the healthiest, longest-lived lines and the happiest, friendliest temperaments. We take great pride in our long reputation for raising top-notch hedgies as well as offering expert "tech support", and work very hard to maintain that reputation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to helping you find the perfect hedgie!

UintahBasin HedgeHogs - Courtney
Vernal, UT
PO Box 1584

ZIP 84078


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UintahBasin HedgeHogs strives to provide a happy healthy hedgie environment and find just the right homes for our little ones, as well as educating locally about these wonderful little creatures. We care for and breed with the upmost care and integrity and are open to mentoring others who are new to breeding. We don't encourage BYB but are willing to help those who are serious and meet high standards and quality care because the safety and quality of life of hedgehogs is the primary goal.

Shadow Fox Hedgehogs - Jessica Jaeckel
West Valley City, Utah


Here at Shadow Fox Hedgehogs (SFH) we strive to create healthy, happy and social hedgies that make the perfect pets. I am a very small hobby breeder that only keeps a few hedgies at a time so that I have plenty of time to spend with each individual hedgehog, to socialize, play, and care for them. I extensively know each one of my babies personalities, quirks, likes, and dislikes this is what allows me to match up the best suitable pairings between my hedgies so I can help improve the species.

Alice's Hedgehogs - Alice Hill
Cedar City, Utah

Alice's Hedgehogs

I am a small hobby breeder located in Southern Utah. At Alice's Hedgehogs we breed for the best personalities, temperament, and color. We breed for quality not quantity.Feel free to email any questions.

Pez Pigs - Becky Jensen
62 wasatch Ave
Vernal, UT


We are a small hobby breeder that breeds for good temperament and health. Working on nice contrast Pintos with a blaze face. Lifetime guarantee against WHS.

Happy Go Hedgies - Taigan Lunt
7709 S Swordsman Cove
West Jordan, UT



Tikki's PinCushion Pets - Tiffany
3100 South
Magna, Utah

Shipping within the USA


At Tikki's PinCushion Pets we take pride in producing healthy, happy hedgehogs. Our main focus is finding clean lineage to help prolong the life of our hedgehogs and the future of the species. We are a small scale breeder and only breed as much as we can handle. We have a few litters per year so that we can spend time with each hedgehog that comes through our doors and ensure they leave our home fully prepared for their new home. We screen each of our buyers to make sure they understand the commitment of owning a hedgehog to minimize re-homing. Contact us for any questions you may have, whether it be to purchase one of our hedgehogs or for any hedgehog care related questions.

Happy Healthy Hedgehogs - Blake Trapnell
602W. 2925S.
Mapleton, Utah


Small Breeder with emphasis on our hedgehogs well being and care. Our only concern is that our hedgehogs are happy, healthy and end in homes that will keep them that way :)

Quill Berry Hedgehogs - Sharay Blake
975 east 1175 south #13
Fruit heights, Utah


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I ship United Pet cargo for an additional $150.00

Prickle Hogs - Kylee and Jordan
3128 S 800 W
Syracuse, Utah



We have a small herd to insure proper handling of each of our hoglets.


Racing Hedgehogs - Scarlett Brown

360 E. Montpelier Road
Barre, VT



We are a small breeder focusing on creating large, healthy hedgies in a variety of colors as superior companions.

Prickly Potato Hedgehogs - Staci Fournier
115 Davis Lane
Lyndonville, VT



Shipping within the USA only


Abby Menagerie - Abby Melvin

101 Collie Ter
Danville, VA


Shipping within the USA only


We strive to produce exceptionally friendly hedgehogs, and provide guidance to current and potiential owners.

Henry's Hedgehog Haven - Karen Drenning
Newport News, VA


We breed for temperament, health, color and quality. We offer standard colors to unique markings like snowflakes and pintos.

Hedgehog Luv - Susan Bossie
Fredericksburg, Virginia


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Please visit our HedgehogLuv.com and Log in or sign up to view often for current availability. Our goal in breeding is to produce healthy and friendly hedgehogs. Our much loved babies are handled regularly at an early age.



All of our hedgehogs are handled each day (starting at two weeks) to ensure friendly and healthy hedgehogs. Our herd consist of a variety of colors. Please visit our website for more information

Castle Hedgehog - Nikki Bragg
New Pent, VA


We are a hobby breeder located in New Kent, VA. We aim to produce happy, healthy, well socialized hedgehogs. International Hedgehog Association Registered.

Needlework Hedgehogs - Erica Cole
Richmond, Virginia


Because we are a small, hobby breeder, we are able to take the time to raise every single baby just as it were going to be one of our own, life-long pets. We breed for temperament first, but produce a variety of colors in our babies.

Virginia Beach Hedgies - M. R.
Virginia Beach, VA


Virginia Beach Hedgehogs

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we are small hobby breeders that are passionate about our hedgies. Our main goal is to produce healthy, happy, sociable hoglets.

SMLHedgehogs - Cynthia
260 LakeCrest Drive
Hardy, VA


I am a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Located in Roanoke, VA.
Each of out babies are handled from a young age to ensure the an even temperament that is possible, we handle with our hands so they can get use to our scents which enables a better temperament. I am a very small hobby breeder so I do not always have babies.

Penny's Prickly Pigs - Rachel Penny
Huntley Avenue
Charlottesville, VA



Penny's Prickly Pigs is a small-scale hedgehog breeding program located in Charlottesville, VA and Asheville, NC.
We maintain a small family to make sure each hedgie gets the personal attention and love he or she deserves.
For this reason we do not breed for quantity, but rather quality in health and personality.
We expect a variety of colors available, including Algerian, Pinto, Snowflakes, Half-Masks, White and more.
We do not ship our hedgehogs, but deliver to Durham, NC once per litter.


Kymwana Tiggy Winkles - Kim G. Miller

Tacoma, WA

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USDA# 91-A-0107


Kymwana Tiggy Winkles is a USDA licensed breeder of hedgehogs and all of my hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. My goal is for top quality animals, with gentle friendly temperaments. I also breed for show quality animals. I have been working with hedgehogs since 2003. I started out by wanting a hedgehog for a pet. I graduated from Fort Steilacoom Community College in Tacoma WA, with a degree in Animal Technology. After attending my first hedgehog show in Anacortes Wa. in 2004, where EHP Chancey KTW won his 1st. Grand Champion, and his 2nd. Grand Champion in 2005, I decided to try breeding. I have many different colors, standards, grays, pinto's, snowflakes, that are available.

Shipping Available

Simpson N' Kidz Small Pets - Dorothea M. Simpson
2401 N Wenas RD
Selah, WA


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USDA# 91-A-0126

We have a small herd, with a diverse colors, both lite and dark. We have babies most of the time ready to go to their new homes. Our goal is to provide happy, healthy, friendly hedgehogs for families to love. Please contact us for an list of babies ready for their new families. Thank you

Hedgehog Erinaceidae Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Fawn

Bumble Bee Hedgies - Sabine Panning
Silverdale, WA


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USDA License 91-A-0123

I am an USDA licensed breeder, located in Silverdale, WA. My goal is to breed healthy hedgehogs with excellent linage and great personalities, without loosing sight of the importance in spending the necessary time needed to offer the best support to the new homes they may go to. Driving to Portland frequently, I am also happy to help someone in Oregon to become a new hedgehog owner.

Domesticated hedgehog Erinaceidae Hedgehog Water Organism

Victorino's Hedgehog Garden - VHG - Edith Victorino
Tacoma, Washington


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We breed for health, temperament, and conformation. We have great colors/markings however, that's not a good reason to breed. Breeding is to better the species as a whole. Purchase form VHG and we're available to you 24/7 offering support, information and education.

Bloomin Hedgehogs - Tina Clay
Port Orchard, WA

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USDA License #91-A-0116


I'm a small USDA licensed breeder located in Port Orchard, WA. We have babies available year round.

Briar Patch Hedgehogs - Goldendale, WA

(509) 773-4341

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USDA License #91-A-0118


A small breeder located in South Central WA.. Babies are socialized daily, registered in the IHR, and come with a lifetime warranty against WHS. I have many colors, but my focus is producing healthy hedgehogs. Check out my site to see available babies or be added to a waiting list.

Lilac City Hedgehogs - Erica Nelson
Spokane, WA


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Lilac City Hedgehogs is a small, USDA licensed breeder in Spokane, WA. All of our babies are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry. We focus on producing happy, healthy, friendly hedgehogs in a variety of colors.

Volcano View Hedgehogs - Jeanne Troy and Nick Stockwell
Port Orchard, WA



Volcano View Hedgehogs breeds primarily for health and temperament. Babies are handled daily to ensure they are well socialized to make wonderful pets. All babies come with a health guarantee, lifetime warranty against WHS, IHR registration #, pedigree, and 24/7 post-sale support. Various colors available.

Hedgehogs Northwest - Krissy Brouner
2512 Cedar St
Everett, WA 98201


Hedgehogs Northwest

I am a small scale USDA licensed breeder focused on breeding healthy friendly pets. I have been breeding hedgehogs since 2007 and have many colors available. I offer a life time guarantee against WHS. I also have cages and supplies available. Check out my site and "like" Hedgehogs Northwest on Facebook!

K&Vs Hedgehogs - Valena Heathorn & Kaiya Olson
4246 Fir Tree Rd SE
East Olympia, WA 98512

360-528-1395 or 360-890-5522


Our breeding goals are to breed healthy hedgehogs with great temperament.

West Virginia

Heartfelt Hedgehogs - Grace McKenzie



Our herd and babies are handled on a daily basis. We currently have chocolate, salt and pepper, and pinto breeding stock. Babies include cages and a health check at the vets. Please visit our website for more information or to be put on our waiting list.

Tyler Borror
14132 South Fork Rd.
Moorefield, WV


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USDA License # 54-b-0047

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West Virginia Hedgehogs - Angel McCartney
129 south Florida street
Buckhannon, WV



Hedgehog Domesticated hedgehog Erinaceidae Rodent Iris

Whole Harted Hedgies - Angie Pittman
Holmen WI


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USDA License # 35-A-0341

Shipping is negotiable.

Whole Harted Hedgies is located near Lacrosse WI. We breed for quality temperaments and health. All babies will come with starter food, and cage setups are available complete with your own bucket wheel!

Blissful Quills - Jennifer Glass
Kenosha, WI


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USDA License #35-A-0345


I am a small USDA licensed breeder located in Kenosha Wisconsin. I strive to breed sweet tempered little babies that will make great pets! I also offer cage sets that include everything you need to get started when it comes time to bring your little bundle of quills home! I am currently working on some steady
Algerian black lines and double white lines.

Rob's Hedgehog's - Robert Blair
Lake Nebagamon, WI


3 or fewer breeding hedgehogs


I try to have a litter available every other month. Normally have a wide variety of colors and facial markings. All of the babies are handled daily once they hit 3 weeks. I have been raising hedgehogs for 9 years.

Peeps N Paws - Cynthia Safcik
Sturtevant, Wisconsin


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USDA License #35-A-0346


USDA registered breeder of high quality, friendly and handled African Pygmy Hedgehogs.Colors available regularly:Normal/StandardChocolateCinnacot/CinnamonPinto pattern available in all above colorsAlbinoand more!!We also carry and supply the food that we feed and recommend. (Mazuri Insectivore Diet)PeepsnPaws.com Check our website soon as updating it: Coming soon cages, wheels, Hide Igloos, bedding and the rest of the supplies needed to make your hedgehog happy.Call or text to check color or sex availability desired 262-620-1386 Cynthia.

Twisted Quills Hedgehogs - Peggi Weiske
2609 14th St S
La Crosse, WI



I am a small breeder focused on producing hedgehogs with the very best temperments and health. My small herd allows me to spend optimal time with each and every baby to ensure they are happy and well socialized. I know each baby very well and can help find a great match for you! Visit me on Facebook under Twisted Quills Hedgehogs!

Noodle Back Hedgehogs - Mayfair Wells
1321 Ravine St
Janesville, WI



We are a family devoted to doing what we love, keeping and ethically breeding hedgehogs. We have a small herd that are not just our "breeders" but our beloved pets. We are breeding for temperament. If you are in the area you are more than welcome to set up a time to come and visit. Please call or e-mail with any questions from 9am. to 9pm. Mon. through Sun.


Lil Hedgehogs Farm - Sandra Noceda Winninger

1020 35th Street
Cody, WY



Shipping within the USA.

Lil Hedgehogs Farm works hard to produce healthy, friendly hedgehogs that will make wonderful pets and/or future breeding hedgies. We hope to offer a variety of colors and will ship anywhere in the U.S.

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