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My little girl, Coconut, was born sometime in late November/early December 2015, making her 6 years and 8 months old. She is still very active and very happy, she runs on her wheel every night, doesn't huff much, and wakes up just in time for dinner. However, she had had blood in her urine for almost two months and has been on two rounds of antibiotics. It will clear up and reoccur. She is also incontinent and needs regular bum baths.

I was told that if the second round of antibiotics didn't work, it was bladder cancer and I should just let her live out her last few months as comfortably as possible. The vet didn't feel any masses by pressing on her abdomen, and I didn't get an xray because I won't be subjecting her to surgery.

Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable? Something I could add to her food, something I could put in her cage, etc.?

She's a very lazy and cuddly hedgie, and she really acts and seems like she always has. Sometimes when she turns too quickly, her back legs will give out and she'll trip, but it doesn't seem to bother her once she's back on her feet. She has a huuuuge appetite still and poops normally.

She has no reaction to her belly being touched except some ordinary brow-furrowing and brief pops, which she has done her whole life.
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