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Bleeding from the mouth when eating

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Hi guys, first time hedgehog owner and rescued him. I’m extremely distraught, I don’t know if I’m over reacting. This morning our baby Sonic- who we think is about 8 months old, we woke him up and saw a lot of blood all over his face. Washed him and realized the blood was coming from his mouth. The day before I got him a hamster water bottle it has a petal straw thingie. I don’t know if he cut himself on that?? Anyway, so he was cuddling me and was totally normal and okay looking. Then I tried to give him a tiny piece of a cat pellet which he went to eat then straight away I saw he started bleeding again, a lot. I’ll post a pic of the napkin with the blood on it and his little face. He is still cuddly and doesn’t appear to be grumpy. I can’t open his mouth, he’s very stubborn and I don’t want to hurt him. Any ideas on what could be the problem? I need my mind at rest, I’m absolutely upset. We’ve only had him for 5 days and I just love him so much and we care for him so well. Compared to his previous owners. 😢😢 Thanks everyone.
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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He potentially lost a tooth and that’s why you’re seeing so much blood (it looks a lot, but it’s not too much - don’t worry!). I’m not sure what the hamster bottle you’re describing is, but hedgehogs need water bowls not bottles. Bottles are notorious for breaking teeth.
I’d keep an eye on him and make sure he’s eating okay. If you could try and have a look in his mouth and see if you can see the cause. But I’d honestly say he likely lost a tooth. Not the end of the world and he should be just fine. But just keep an eye for any mouth sensitivity’s over the next few days/couple weeks that could indicate an infection.
Are you talking about a bottle as in they have to touch it for water? Their teeth are sensitive and easy to break/fall out. Since they aren’t that smart they can break it if not careful! Sounds fine if it keeps bleeding might be an infection in the mouth just check mouth for anything.
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