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Black dots on hedgies quills

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My hedgehog Fabio has little black specks on his quills. Hes quilling i think so one of the quills that fell out has the black specks on it and i found out that the specks can come off cause i wiped some of them off with my finger. But after giving him a bath for dry skin the specks didnt come off. I dont know what they are. He is also itching alot but i think that may be because hes quilling. Does anyone know what the black specks on his quills could be?
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I got him at the petstore but the petstore people said he was shipped there from a breeder in new jersey. So i dont really know.
Now i actually think it might be dirt i dont really see any anymore. I think it was only on a few quills. Ill keep lookin for more of the black stuff i havent looked next to his head yet. But i just barely looked at his back a little and i didnt see any.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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