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Hey there,
I adopted Beau last Friday 1/15/21. He's about 10-11 months old and he's a rescue from a family who wasn't taking care of him. Their story for what happened to Beau is that they didn't know you were supposed to trim their nails, so his back nail grew into his paw and then they cut it too short. Ever since then his paw has been swollen and the entire pad looks like hamburger meat and they couldn't get it to heal. *I HAVE ALREADY SCHEDULED A VET APPOINTMENT (But it's not until Feb 19th and I can't get in any sooner)*
He walks on the foot alright, usually not putting pressure on it. Both of his back feet are bad but the right one is the hamburger looking one. They were giving him foot baths and REMOVING the scar because it was "Dirty" but I've been doing my best to leave the scar be. I've been using a combination of a sprayable saline solution for piercings (since they're also open wounds) and Hydrogen Peroxide since I'm trying to see what works better and following it with Neosporin (Original it doesn't have any numbing or extra strength since I read that's dangerous for them.
I tried a few times to wrap the foot up ut he was not having it, and we aren't very bonded yet so there's not a lot I can do. He eats a perfect amount for his size, drinks enough water, and the first night he was here he ran on his wheel but for the past three nights he hasn't been running. I don't know if it's because of the foot because the previous owners said he would run even when it was 10x worse, so maybe he's just freaked out in his new environment. I changed the bedding from the brown carefresh paper to the colorful carefresh paper, but i wouldn't see why that would stop him from running. I also changed his hide to a much darker and more private one and he hardly ever leaves it that I've seen, so should I change it back to his original to maybe encourage him to go out more? I also changed the cage he was in since the previous owners had him in a way smaller one. The temperature in my room is always 74 Fahrenheit and I have a heating lamp for him, so he stays VERY warm.

It would be awesome to have some answers about him wheeling but obviously, the foot is the more pressing concern. It looked way better the second day he was here but then it got bloody again the third day and today it was almost entirely red, i don't know if that's the healing process or not but I've been trying to keep it as clean as possible by cleaning it morning and night. I really don't want him to lose his leg but I'm prepared for it if it does happen, and I'm prepared to do whatever the vet says i have to. I'm really just holding on until the vet appointment and I'm hoping he does too, but considering that he's been living like this for two months I think he has another one in him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it was a lot. The picture is of Beau's bad foot the day it looked the best and the one where it's more red is of today. Discresion advised since it's pretty sad and gross to see.


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