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I have just got a hedgie named Pascal from a breeder. When she had him he was friendly and was able to be pet, but now that I have him he is aggressive and hisses, clicks, and bites. I have tried a lot of the tips that I have seen, but nothing seems to be helping.
I have been getting him out every night around 9-10pm, that is when he is usually active. I interact with him for about an hour. I allow him to run around my room and run on me, but he does not like my hands. I don't know if it is because I am bigger than him, but my hands don't smell like food, or soap when I take him out. I sing a little song to him to try to calm him (We do this with all our other pets and it helps. Each pet gets their own type of song that sounds different and has their name in it.) I need tips on how to get him to realize that hands are okay and he won't get hurt, and I need the biting to stop. Any ideas?
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