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Posting here because I am desperate.
A couple days ago my hedgehog Phoebe liner dived and seemed to have scabbed her feet on the plastic bottom of her cage (I think it’s a combo of urine burns and running too much).
The sores were on the backs of her feet by the pinky toes.
Since then her vet prescribed her some antibiotic cream (Flamazine) for her feet. However, when I applied it tonight, she got into a frenzy. Completely agitated, nipping at me and running around like a maniac. She’s started biting at a spot on her chest. It’s started bleeding a bit too.
I’ve given her a couple baths, but nothing seems to help.
I’ve tried contacting her vet but they’re closed until tomorrow. I’m considering the emergency vet if she doesn’t settle down. Hoping someone here might have some insight

Attaching some pictures for reference.
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How is she doing now?

So in my experience, foot wounds heal quickly normally. Its hard to see in those photos, but how deep are those wounds? Quite often you just need to keep them clean. Take away the wheel if you can to help reduce contamination.

The reaction to the ointment isn't all that uncommon. If the ointment caused a stinging feeling or even had a scent (perhaps not detectable to us, but to them). Either of those can cause them to 'freak' out trying to make it go away. Ask your vet if there was something else you could have done to wash it away, most likely just washing with soap and warm water is all you could have done.
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