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biting and pulling on shirt in cage

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is this playing, or a behaviour i should try to not reinforce?

i put a tshirt in my new hedgies cage, just draped it over her igloo so she can get my sent and get used to it, around 10pm she was pushing stuff around in her cage as usual when i noticed she was clamped on to the shirt and pulling it away, I realized i didnt want to get that shirt ruined so i went to take it out to put a different one in and she would not let go! i gently pulled on it and she just got all excited and pulled back which was adorable, but is that playing?
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LOL! Mizpah was sitting in my lap last night and I guess she smelled something good on my shirt. She licked it a few times and then started trying a tug of war with it. She was pulling and pulling trying to get it to go with her. I had this shirt on though so no chance of her winning. :lol:

I think some hedgies can be playful. Different personalities on all. I've even had a Sulcata tortoise with a definite personality. She would come out to watch tv with us and come over to eat treats out of my hand.

I've heard hedgies will play tug of war with a smelly sock a lot of times. :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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