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biting and pulling on shirt in cage

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is this playing, or a behaviour i should try to not reinforce?

i put a tshirt in my new hedgies cage, just draped it over her igloo so she can get my sent and get used to it, around 10pm she was pushing stuff around in her cage as usual when i noticed she was clamped on to the shirt and pulling it away, I realized i didnt want to get that shirt ruined so i went to take it out to put a different one in and she would not let go! i gently pulled on it and she just got all excited and pulled back which was adorable, but is that playing?
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Hope said:
I just got a baby boy and he loves to latch onto almost anything cloth and tug on it with all his might. It is really funny to watch but I wonder if it is normal. He actually tries to eat the towel that I put him on for play time. Is this a normal behavior?
That's totally normal behaviour. They don't actually want to eat the fabric, just chew it and then annoint, chew, annoint. :lol:
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