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Biting and cage behavior

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Ive noticed that Prick huffs and Puffs when I pick him up and contuies to for any where between 15 seconds and 2 minutes before he explores my hand. I can have him out for a good 15 minutes just holding him in a wash rag and he wont hiss or click, just try to explore. How ever when I set him back down in his cage he flares up the second I put his blanket over him.

Another thing ive noticed is that when he finds a new scent he does a bit more then nibble, he tried to take a small bite. So far he has gotten me twice and my brothers friend once. My brothers friend had a red mark on her hand where she got nipped.

The nips were more out of curiosity then harmful it seems. Is there any way to teach Prick to be a bit more gentler when he is curious? And does any one else have the same cage issue? IE fine when they are out but not when they are put back?
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Sneezy bites when he is getting ready for a nap- he just wants to move things around to make himself more comfortable, but he doesent realize that he is hurting us. He also bites if he is stuck- like climbing up my sleeve- i think its just how he grabs things because he cant with his little paws!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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