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Biting and cage behavior

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Ive noticed that Prick huffs and Puffs when I pick him up and contuies to for any where between 15 seconds and 2 minutes before he explores my hand. I can have him out for a good 15 minutes just holding him in a wash rag and he wont hiss or click, just try to explore. How ever when I set him back down in his cage he flares up the second I put his blanket over him.

Another thing ive noticed is that when he finds a new scent he does a bit more then nibble, he tried to take a small bite. So far he has gotten me twice and my brothers friend once. My brothers friend had a red mark on her hand where she got nipped.

The nips were more out of curiosity then harmful it seems. Is there any way to teach Prick to be a bit more gentler when he is curious? And does any one else have the same cage issue? IE fine when they are out but not when they are put back?
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Why are you putting a blanket over him? When hedgehogs cant see what is touching them they tend to quill up. Is it possible for you to just put him in his cage and leave him to his business.

They "biting" at a new scent is most likely the begining part of him starting to annoint. If its not a finger tip it wont hurt for him to bite. Let him bite and see if he starts to tug at it and start to annoint. Then have a ball watching.

I personally dont believe you can "train" a hedgehog. Set a rountine yes. But not really to train the to do something that they dont naturally do. If you dont want to get bit.. dont put your bady parts by his mouth.
Also helps if you have long nails! Aero always goes for the nails and mine are too long he cant catch skin!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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