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Hi all,

I just want to put my mind at rest, so I can finally get some sleep. So last night Edith was sniffing and scratching at a certain part of her liner (which happened to be wet), contorted and vommed all over herself.

This is the first time I have seen her do this, and she is my first hedgehog, so I went into full on panic/crying mode. I whisked her up before she "finished" to wipe her clean. I hadn't realised self-anointing was something that hedgehogs did.

A few moments later she vomited some bile (again, I didn't know it was bile until after I stopped crying and googled it). I called the emergency vet, and even though she hasn't had much experience with hedgehogs said that she is most probably fine.

After a bit of a quiet moment, and a huge poo, she was back to normal. She was running on her wheel, ate plenty, clearly had lots of poos and drank plenty of water. When I checked her this morning, she seemed completely fine.

So my question, is there anything special that I need to do? Other than not let her out of my sight and give her all of the love and affection possible. I contacted the breeder I got her from, and she said that this is normal and I shouldn't worry.

Does the bile have something to do with the anointing thing? It seemed odd that if happened so close together. :confused:
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