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I’ve had my baby Zero since June, and due to the way his past owners handled him he was not used to skin to skin contact whatsoever. Whenever i’d try to use my hands to hold him, he’d instantly ball and nip at me. Not wanting to stress him out, I began with leaving him some shirts of mine to snuggle with and using that to scoop him up. Finally, after countless bonding sessions, post bath time snuggles, and old T-shirt’s later, he has let me pick him up with my hands alone and even lets me maneuver him around without spiking or huffing at me. In fact he gets really excited when I hold him, and stares at me quite happily when I speak to him. I’m so glad i’ve been able to achieve this milestone and wanted to share this with you all! He has also lost a lot of weight, the poor boy isn’t even a year old yet and his previous owners gorged him on a sauce cup’s worth of high protein food on top of 10-13 mealworms a day. He went from a whopping 1 pound and 68 ounces in September to a slimmer 1 pound and 4.8 ounces just this past month. It’s the small steps that count, his next weigh in is soon! Also sorry that the pictures are screen grabs, I had to document this moment to share with my partner who lives nearly an hour away.


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