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I've had Tama for almost a month now and at first she was a real sweetheart. She would lay there and was calm and quiet, would allow me to pet her, even rub her forehead. she would barely startle when I had to move while holding her. She was still calm even during her first quilling.

She is amost finished with her second quilling and now I've noticed a huge change in temperment. she now huffs and quills go UP when I hold her in her blankie and have to move, if the blankie happens to shift on top of her, or a random sound. I used to let her lay on my stomach and she eventually got used to the movement but now, even holding her, she gets defensive.

Is this normal? Should I go back to step one and gradually introduce myself again? (old t-shirt and all)

I used to be able hold her on the back of the neck to desensitize her to me scruffing her and it was perfect for cutting her nails, now she won't even let my hand get near her back UNLESS there is some pressure to it... I don't know why but it is like she feels safer when my hand is pressing slightly along her back and then she is less likely to puff up.

any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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