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Hi guys.. i've been REALLY busy lately.. luckily my husband's photography business has REALLY taken off, and my web design projects have been piling up. Its a great thing for us.. but I just wanted to pop in and say HI.. and give you all an update on Fuzzie from Maryland. His name has been changed to Grumpy Guss, aka guss, aka nutty G.

Hes freaking adorable and we love him so much.. We give him full reign of the office and he loves to explore.. hes a little poop machine. WHAT A MESS!! He poops all over the place! But its all good.. He is REALLY REALLY SMART. He has a water bowl because thats what he came with. I am trying to wean him to the bottle because i think its cleaner, but I worry about dehydration.. but anyways... For a while, he would go run on his wheel or do whatever over the night and poo would just fling EVERYWHERE and it would drive me nuts because his water would be gross and there was no way to keep it clean.. Well, i was wrong.. Mr. Nutty G figured out how to fix the situation.. Every night i put fresh water in his bowl, and every morning when i wake up and check on it, he moved his fleece blankie over the water bowl which protects it from flying poo!!! He is SOO smart.. He just creeps under the fleecece and takes a drink!!

If only he could learn to not fling poo.. ohh well..

We will be making him a new house soon!! we are finishing our basement, which means we will have more room in our office for a MUCH MUCH larger cage with a wheel ROOM! so once that is done, we will get working.
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