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Bedding Question: Shavings vs: Recycled Paper Product

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Hey everyone,

Just recently acquired a hedgehog, Harriet. So when I got her she was living in shavings - I have now changed her to be using this more softer recycled paper-esk product. Smells better and makes a lot less mess I have found. Has anyone heard bad things about using this sort of product?

When I looked through peoples cage set-ups I didn't see many that used shavings. Actually any at all, but I think I only looked through 2 pages of threads. That made me feel a bit more confident in my decision.
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If the product you are talking about is "Yesterdays News" a lot of people use it in a litter pan or under the wheel. My hedgie is mostly littler trained and this is the product that I use for him, although some people are nervous to use it due to the risk of staples plus the dust it creates causing respiratory problems or the possibility of hedgie trying to eat it..

You can search that particular product on this forum and likely find what you are looking for :)
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