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Bedding Question: Shavings vs: Recycled Paper Product

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Hey everyone,

Just recently acquired a hedgehog, Harriet. So when I got her she was living in shavings - I have now changed her to be using this more softer recycled paper-esk product. Smells better and makes a lot less mess I have found. Has anyone heard bad things about using this sort of product?

When I looked through peoples cage set-ups I didn't see many that used shavings. Actually any at all, but I think I only looked through 2 pages of threads. That made me feel a bit more confident in my decision.
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There are a few people on here that use shavings. Many use fleece liners because they are dust free. You can buy fleece from Wal-Mart or any fabric store and cut it to fit the cage. If you want to use a bedding I find Carefresh ultra (it's white and soft) to be least dusty that I have used. Be careful of the other CareFresh varieties especially the colours because they are very dusty. I have never used yesterday's news to fill a cage so I don't know how well it work, doesn't seem very comfy. Another option is a bedding (I believe it's by living world) called fresh and comfy. It's grey and softer than shavings and yesterday's news but not as soft as carefresh. It is harder to find though.
I did a search and I can't find any information on the fresh and comfy stuff so I may have gotten the name completely wrong. Sorry. Basically though as long as the bedding is not dusty and is not drying out your hedgehogs skin it is fine to use.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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