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Bedding, oy vei!

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It seems like hedgies are absolutely no different then horses with a million answers to the same question!

I just got my hedie, and he's living in a very large dog kennel. I flipped it so that the small row of vertical bars are along the bottom so he can look out and see the world, as well as the front door being thick wire mesh. However, to properly clean it, the entire thing has to be taken apart.

I don't have access to liners, so he's currently bedding on a piece of folded yellow thin imitation fleece type blanket. However, it gets mussed up, his poop falls underneath it, and the smell just isn't nice as the pee is obviously soaking into the fleece and acting as one big living room hedgie pee storage and distributer. I don't have anything else to use as a "liner" right now, I was told I could use a towel while I cleaned it, but now have read that towels can be very dangerous to little nails.

I could probably go out and buy more fleece squares, but I'd have to load up as I'll be required to change it daily due to the smell.

I am really interested in using the Aspen shavings everyone is talking about, as I find shavings the best bedding to manage. And everything seems to say they're not as good as liners, but acceptable. However, I've also heard now that the shavings can get caught in their special areas?? Is there ANY right answer? Is Carefresh better? Does it soak up the urine and poop "properly"?

Any advice would be great, in the future liners are definately an option, but not now as I'd have to internet order them.
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I strongly recommend a liner. My hedgehog got a respiratory infection from the dust in his bedding.
padawanslacker said:
If you don't mind my asking, hedgie lover, what kind of bedding were you using when your hedgehog got an infection?

I ask because I'm torn between worry over the bedding safety issues several people have brought up on this site, and the fact that cloth liners would not be very practical for me. I live in an apartment building with one washer and one dryer. They guzzle quarters, are nearly always in use, and I don't think my neighbors would appreciate my filling up the washer with feces- and urine-contaminated fabric on a regular basis.
I was using CareFresh, my breeder was using Aspen. I hadn't had Herisson very long when I discovered he had an infection so I don't know if the CareFresh or the Aspen caused it.

About the washer thing, I hand wash my liners in the tub. It takes a while but I don't mind all that much. It beats having hedgehog stuff floating around with my clothes.
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