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SO ive only had my hedgie for about a week but his feet get really dirty from running in his wheel, despite the fact that i wash his wheel at least once a day.
hes still very touchy, and warms up to me but isn't much of a cuddler.
How can I clean his feet when all he does is curl up in a ball?
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could i put a towel in a storage container (its about 5 incehs high, 2 ft long, 1 ft wide) and soak it with warm water and just put him on it? maybe give him a mealie after?
Thanks for the tips!
i tried with a little water and a towel and he completely freaked out and tried to curl up and i think ended up inhaling a small amoutn of water, (there was maybe 1/4 of water in the bottom) and started panicking and now im scared hes just gonna be miserable.
so water is a no go.
all hes doing now, is i wrapped him in a towel and my fleece robe (he likes that one) and hes kinda just sitting there and wont come out. he also stopped eating mealies yesterday. he doesn't seem to like them anymore. but he still eats.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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