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SO ive only had my hedgie for about a week but his feet get really dirty from running in his wheel, despite the fact that i wash his wheel at least once a day.
hes still very touchy, and warms up to me but isn't much of a cuddler.
How can I clean his feet when all he does is curl up in a ball?
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bath time is hard with a water hater. The first time I gave Quigley a bath I put him the tub with the shallow having no water and the deeper end having only an inch or so. He ran around in the wet and played with some of his toys that I put in there. I didn't try to give a bath until after about a week or more of having him. and I didn't give him a proper bath with scrubbing and soap until over two or three weeks (can't remember exactly) we just took it slow but he still hates water and bath time, now when he's decided he's done having a bath he tries to curl up and ends up snorting a bit of water. Also during bath time we go through multiple escape attempts. I bath him in the sink or in his tupperware bath bin which is fairly small (maybe 7/12 inches and five inches high) he's really good at climbing out of it.
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