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Bath in their cage?

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Hello all,
My hedgie is almost a year old and I have had her since she was a little over a month or so old. I did take care of her as a little baby as well when her mom was with her but now she's just with me. I've run through some issues with her cage and her toys. When she was with her parents in their cage they had one of those silent spinner wheels. Her parents loved this wheel and would run in it every chance they got. However they would poo all over it. I just bought the wheel for my hedgie a few months ago and as suspected she loves it! She runs on it all night long and into the early morning. My main issue is that like her parents she poos on the wheel and her feet always end up dirty and gross. I was wondering if it would be bad to put a little bath sort of thing for her to play in so as to prevent from having to clean her a few times a week. Is that a bad idea? Also I heard that putting large rocks in their cage helps them trim down their nails. Is this a good idea? Thanks!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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