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Ball and wheel issues

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I tried using the search option but it returned too many results I guess to show them. I have a little guy about 4 months old. He doesn't use his wheel and just sits in a ball and poops when I put him in one. I've been having him swim for exercise but its pretty worrysome. I called the place I got him at and they said it wasn't normal. Ideas? I tried putting him in the wheel but he just runs out. He eats, and eliminates so I figure he is healthy. He runs around when I hold him and knows who I am as well. I know this since he used to lick me, but now he doesn't anymore.
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Heat rocks are not god for hedgies as they can easily cause burns.

the average temperature of the cage should be roughly 74-78. A hedgehog can enter a state of hibernation known as aestivation at temperatures over 78*F.

To keep the cage warm you either need to increase the ambient temperature of the room, or use a ceramic heat emitter above the cage. Once again, those rocks can burn the sensitive hedgie feet. If it is hot to the touch of your wrist, it is FAR to hot to be in a hedgies cage.
just so you are aware (if you are not already) a hedgehog can begin hibernation as low as 72*F and aestivation as high as 78*F.

Aestivation is a form of hibernation in where a hedgehogs metabolism slows and they begin to act lethargic because they are to warm. They will often splat out and start panting.
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